• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Former Senior Military Intelligence Officer Philip Ingram assesses President Putin’s visit to Ukraine. Read more here: …


22 thoughts on “Ukraine War: What can we make of Putin's visit to Mariupol?”
  1. Sunak should visit Faulkland Islands 41 years after the illegal invasion by Thatcher blah blah …no-one believes this propaganda – after watching the illegal cout d'etat turn Ukraine upside down by the US in 2014 – and the chaos already playing out – Crimeans sensibly decided they did not want the same fate as those in Donbass – that's the real truth

  2. I am sick of Sky's misreporting and lies. Mariupol is being rebuilt. Why shouldn't Putin go there? The vast majority of the Donbas people support Putin – they wanted Russia to come to their rescue after the illegal coup in 2014 lead to a Civil War and the constant bombing of Donetsk city by Ukraine that resulted in thousands of deaths and the creation of hundreds of orphans as a result. These were then taken away from the war zone into Russia. Putin should be congratulated for that – not condemned. We should keep our nose out of this instead of sending billions to keep the war going. We should be spending that money on the NHS.

  3. Crimea is so much better under Russia, the West is lying about Mariupol. When Ameria can't even give clean water to its own people and Afghnistan was such an embarrassment, please, stop it with yr "care" about ukraine

  4. чем не повинных мирных жителей, убивая женщин и детей. гореть в аду трусливые и жалкие русские. теперь требуется противостояние диверсантам, которые могут бороться с подлой агрессией против Украины. трусливые русские никуда не доходят

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