• Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

خندق میں ‘بیلا چاؤ’ گاتیں یوکرینی فوجی انڈپینڈنٹ اردو کے سوشل میڈیا پیجز لائیک کیجیے فیس بک: …


21 thoughts on “Ukrainian soldiers singing Bella Ciao in a trench”
  1. 당신들에게 다시 평화와 행복이 가득하기를 간절히 기원합니다.

    푸틴 이 망할놈. 전쟁에 참여한 사람들만 힘들게 만든 죄 꼭 받기를.

  2. Ukraine by the efforts of the United States and NATO — No. 1 in the world in fascism – Nazism and Criminal country No. 1 – where people are killed day and night, shouting "Glory to Ukraine" (Heil Hitler) –Torture -beatings – terror– since 2014
    since 1991, Ukraine has been a "factory" for the production of murderers – Nazis and terrorists wholesale and retail, and terrorism and explosions of people are the norm of Ukraine's existence

  3. These are the Nazi prostitutes who kill and blow up people in the Donbas like the Anglo -American ISIS terrorists in Syria and Iraq . With shouts of Glory to Ukraine ( Analog – Heil Hitler ) they can kill – rob and destroy everyone and everything the same as under Hitler in 1941-1943

  4. Korean lyrics
    어느날 아침 기분딱좋다

    주먹질딱 주먹딱 주먹 딱딱딱

    기분좋게 티비켜는데 서기장 지하가셨노

    이게다모두 우크라때문

    주먹질딱 주먹딱 주먹 딱딱딱

    소비에트 서기장께서 이렇게 지하가셨노

    소비에트의 서기장께서 이렇게 지하가셨노

    어느날 저녁 기분안좋다

    주먹질딱 주먹딱 주먹 딱딱딱

    무심하게 티비켜는데 서기장 소식이없노

    그와중에도 일곱시쪽은

    주먹질딱 주먹딱 주먹 딱딱딱

    일곱시에 태풍때문에 존나게 지랄을하노

    일곱시쪽에 태풍때문에 존나게 지랄을하노

    이게다모두 일곱시때문

    주먹질딱 주먹딱 주먹 딱딱딱

    전라도와 우크라쪽은 모두다 일곱시이노

    일곱시쪽은 절대안된다

    주먹질딱 주먹딱 주먹 딱딱딱

    일곱시는 뭔일있어도 무조건 조져야되노

    일곱시쪽은 뭔일있어도 무조건 조져야되노

  5. Good luck, hopefully every from your ammonition will hit a russian solder and force him either going home or alternavely going to hell. Best regards. Dieter, Berlin, Germany

  6. O one morning, and yet at dawn
    The ground had trembled
    And Immediately then our blood had boiled,
    Missiles from the sky, the columns of tanks
    Old man Dniepro he had then roared! .. | (2)

    No one had thought, no one had witnessed
    What truly then had been the Ukrainian rage .
    Accursed executioners we with out mercy slay|
    Those who trudge upon our land ! | (2)

    In TerObron are only the very best men,
    Only the heroes they fight there in our Armed Forces!
    And the javelins , and the bayraktari |
    For our Ukraine they do strike Russia ! | (2)

    And here our people, and the Ukrainians
    Against Russia
    Have already united the whole wide world!
    And soon there will be no Russia at all, |
    And there'll be peace through the whole wide world!

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