• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

INSANE Ukrainian Assault on Russian Trenches | Ukraine War | Combat Footage | Sniper Reviews All footage unconfirmed.


36 thoughts on “INSANE Ukrainian ASSAULT on Russian Trenches | Ukraine War | Combat Footage | Sniper Reviews”
  1. WTF 4:25 right side coming out of the smoke just to the right and up from the apparent russian in the trench, it then runs down to the big tree closest the trench near the apparent russian trench, no such thing as cloaking apparently so wtf is this fotoshopped shit?

  2. HOLY SHIT! Dude had a round skip off the feed tray of his DSHK! The footage out of Ukraine is like nothing anyone has every seen before! I did a tour in 06-07 Baghdad and there is footage of things that blow me away…

  3. last 10y or so all you can see on yt is americans crying about Iraq/Afghan war and how bad was for them , some peasants shooting at them and there sf getting there asses kicked (red wing) . What storys will this guys have . Real veterans from a real war

  4. That first clip is a lot longer, they egress putting out fire as they go and they have more friendly units on their flank as well. the guys probably got hit by the fragments so they are a little groggy and slow to get moving assessing their wounds behind some concealment. The kadrov sound could just be that you recognize a individuals fire rate, you can tell who is firing by that with some. It seems like these vids are done from the relative safety of a supporting fire position.

  5. 0:42 slow response. I guess after being hit by a grenade, artillery or any explosive you ain't gonna pop up blasting away. It's pretty clear that those three guys sustained some injuries. One checks his legs, on falls down twisting abit before starting to crawl away and the guy with the camera looks down towards his legs or stomach which leads me to belive he felt an impact somewhere near that location.

    I guess he was hit by two fragments as he points up two fingers after checking himself out. But since I can't speak or understand much russian I suppose he could signal that he has seen two opponents or etc.

    And the longer version of this after he has retreated back a bit further he clearly is in pain as he starts slumping towards the ground making sounds signaling greater discomfort.

    The context of this video except for the firefight I don't now their role in this clip as either a part of an ambush team, retreated troops or regrouping as a defence.

    But it seems to me a little shortsighted to say they reacted slow after what they just got away with.

  6. My lad, I believe you could have done a much better job of describing what a seasoned and righteous warrior would say about the confusion here. The expletive you used is not the way of right living. Seen? There is a more noble and pure way of speaking and for the glory of God and of Scotland, I urge you to use your talents to help the general public understand footage like this. Seen?
    I would have appreciated you explaining what maybe should have happened or what maybe the tank could/should have done if possible. Idk, just something more professional, you know?
    Thanks for sharing this stuff

  7. The Russians drove right past the Ukrainian tank – that is insane! The tank commander has been lucky! His machine gun ammo box took a shot and was on fire, then he was saved by this machine gun otherwise his head would have been blown up!

  8. i like all of your videos so far but this one seemed as fake not on your behalf but on what both sides placed on line. i mean really ? are we in 2022 or we just rely on pigeons still ?

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