• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

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30 thoughts on “Update from Ukraine | Minus Leopard 2, Plus Migs and Bradleys for Ukraine | Counterattack is close”
  1. por lo que me contaron
    lo del tanque leopard sin torreta, no fue cosa de los aliens
    eso paso en polonia, en un campo de entrenamiento, y parece ser ,que el conductor en entrenamiento, lo estrello , digamos para no aprobar el examen ,y no tener que volver a la guerra….

    en inglaterra, infanteria ucraniana que estaba siendo entrenada por los ingleses… una noche decidieron que se iban a oler flores , al dia siguiente ya los buscaba la policia…

  2. you got to be stupid to believe that ukirane will beat russia. this is just cannon fodder ukirane will fight till the last man their gona get whiped out.

  3. It looks like Russia wants to tempt Ukraine to start their offensive with Bakhmut. They have put too much importance on capturing Bakhmut and concentrated a lot of troops and equipment there. The best way to beat Russia would be to break through elsewhere and establish river crossings for logistic supplies elsewhere where the Russian forces are thin on the ground and bypass Bakhmut to destroy the russian supplies and equipment deeper behind the front line and just cut Bakhmut off from russian supply lines. The troops in Bakhmut will then have no option but to surrender or get massacred when their supplies run dry.
    To achieve this I would fake a buildup of troops and equipment that appears to be the major offensive in Bakhmut and start firing artillery at russian positions in Bakhmut in a higher concentration than the Ukrainians have ever done before to draw more russian forces towards Bakhmut thus opening gaps in the front line and places where the russian defences are thin.
    The redeployment of russian forces towards Bakhmut could then be exploited once the supply lines are cut off by rapidly moving Ukrainian forces. Cutting Bakhmut off would then force a majority of the russian forces to surrender there.
    Russia has been a destabilising element in Eastern Europe for a very long time and they have been the aggressor in several wars now rather than accepting peaceful cooperation with its neighbours it has decided to attack them and annex them.
    Putin sees Nazis everywhere and claims he is denazifying countries whilst behaving like Adolf Hitler. Putin sees Nazis everywhere but the one place he should see a Nazi, his own bathroom mirror.

  4. The bump in on the barrel is a "fume extractor " or also referred to as a "bore evacuator" It's a simple device with holes drilled into the barrel at both ends. ( the first set of holes has steal balls with a band holding them in place, acts like a one-way valve) When the round passes the first set of holes, it creates an over pressure in the cylinder, then when the round passes the second sent of holes, this creates a suction drawing the gases forward and out the end of the barrel. This is a simple and effective way of extracting the dangerous gases from entering the inside of the vehicle. The same technology is used with the German, American, and British self-propelled guns.

  5. Interestingly enough, by the end of the video it reminded me that Russia is border-lining World War 3, as my History Teacher said, One day Putin could wake up and just attack one of the Nato Countries, and that's how close WW3 is at starting which is obviously a very bad thing and very terrifying if you really think about it, But you have to see the truth that its just that close , as if it was on a tight rope.

  6. This channel & this man is the largest peddler of false news & info,Russia will take Donetsk,luhansk, zapphorizzia & kersen & will wipe out Ukrainian men,finally zelensky will pee in his pants when kyiv is captured

  7. Plus Migs :))) its all made in 70s and 80s and dont fly anymore ! They gave ukraine everything old and super used ! Counterattack is the end of this Ukraine with Nazi emblems on equipment !!!

  8. There is only one version and it was given by a professional soldier training Ukrainians. It was a clash of two tanks, unfortunate and spectacular in its consequences, and inflated by the Russian propaganda "that this is the first Leopard destroyed by the Russian army"

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