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An alleged Russian coup plot, a government collapse and a breakaway region run by pro-Russian separatists: Ukraine’s tiny …


39 thoughts on “Why Moldova Is Important in the Russia-Ukraine War | WSJ”
  1. that reminds me of Russia's war record :

    1856 defeated by Britain and France

    1905 defeated by Japan

    1917 defeated by Germany

    1920 defeated by Poland

    1939 defeated by Finland

    1969 defeated by China

    1979 defeated by Afghanistan

    1996 defeated by Chechnya

    2023 defeated by Ukraine

    Slava UKRAINE
    Taiwan independent~!

  2. I wonder how much money Moldovan thieves are paying to media, even "western". What kind of "Government collapse" you're talking about? it was a resignation, not a collapse, and new Government has only new Prime minister and few new members, most of the people remained in place. And it was not due to protests, we don't have much protests here in Moldova.

  3. Moldavian statehood never extended to the historical territory of Transnistria, and only in a short 50-year period from August 1940 to September 1990, the territories of Transnistria and Bessarabia were formally legally united into a union Soviet republic – the MSSR.

    The authorities of Moldova, having decided on the withdrawal of the USSR and recognizing the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact as illegal, returned the situation to the state of 1940, excluding from its composition the state-forming part in the form of the territory of modern Transnistria.

  4. Because in that region there are still deposit of Soviet weapons that US want to grab it for Ukraine so it’s easy to meddle in Moldava and create tensions just like they did in Ukraine from 2014 to now

  5. Judging by the comment section the ground is already being set for another war. “We speak the same language”, “we were the same until Soviet Union collapsed”, “we have the same ancestors”. I’ve heard this already somewhere recently.

  6. MOLDOVA EXISTED PRIOR TO ROMANIA… Romania was founded in 1859 by a personal union of the Danubian principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia. The new state, officially called Romania since 1866, gained independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1877.

  7. The new woman governing Moldova will cause serious problems in the country she could trigger serious instability in the region..according to different reports..

    People of Moldova should call for a new government or a new elections. This may save Moldova future. According to experts.

    Since she took over the power Moldova becoming very insatiable…and all kindsof fake dangerous news circulating….This will cause more conflict in the region according to experts. There are some politicians buisness people in Moldova who like to get billions of €£$ but they should first side with the west and destroy their relationship with Russia..
    This is what's beginning to happen right now…according to different reports..

  8. Well, those protesters in the beginning were actually paid to be there and people on the stage of the protests confirmed that. There actually is a problem with prices in Moldova rn, however I don't think it can be solved by protests that were organised by the same people who stole so much money from moldovans and are using poor people (that they made even poorer) to create a picture for their social media and russian propaganda.

  9. Dear Romanians in the comments section, it's a video about Moldova, not about you, stop inserting yourself into every narrative about us, that's disrespectful. Every time I see a video about Moldova, I don't even need to read the comments section to tell what is going on there.

    It's pretty much the same thing that Russia does online, pretending it has an authority to decide what other countries should do like they are stupid and powerless, inserting itself into every story bout them. If you need that comparison. Even though even that won't stop you, I tried.

    Oleacă respect, nu? Nu? Okei))))))))))))))

  10. Moldova is Romania. For more than 100 years it was stolen by Russia. They are trying to erase the romanian identity but they didn t succed and won t. All Moldovians speak the romanian language and we share the same culture but the territorie was split by the evil URSS unfortunately. We lost Bucovina( Ukranian territorie now) too after the second WW . After the first WW, in 1918, Romania had almost all theritories (the Great Romania) after centuries of fighting for our freedom and home with the Ottoman Empire, the Austro-Hungarian empire and the Russian Empire. All those empires didn t let us to unite our country. we succeded for a very short period to unite the whole country in 1600 and in 1859. It sucks to be in the middle :/

  11. Ukraine already proposed to wipe out the Muscovite army in Transnistria by a military strike, but Moldova refused. The thing is that Transnistria is an ethnic Ukrainian territory ceded to the Moldavian ASSR by the USSR government on 1924. Moldova is probably simply afraid to allow the Ukrainian army in there. Which is a wrong notion because Ukraine would never commit any annexation spoiling relations with its neighbors for centuries.

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  14. The sad part of this is that a large swat of that country is very poorly educated… So what do you do with them? Integrate them into the European Union…? For whatever reason some Moldovans want to be part of Russia…???? Think about that for a minute! There's no help for that kind of ignorance. Holy cow.

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