• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Ukrainian Army fired 12 CAESAR howitzers that destroys a Russian armored vehicles. Kyiv push Russian forces out of central …


43 thoughts on “Brutal Attack!!! Ukrainian Army fired 12 CAESAR howitzers that destroys a Russian armored vehicles”
  1. The Ukrainian Nazi army uses them to shoot civilians in the Donbass. The other day, a shell from this howitzer tore apart children in the center of Donetsk, who were peacefully playing in the street.

  2. Narration is a bit over the top. Sounds like they hired a DJ from a strip club. By the way coming to stage 3 we got Cheyenne. Pull out the bills guys and remember there is a 2 drink minimum.

  3. They had the reach to get at Snake Island with Supercharge ammo. Seems to me, they have not been used to counter battery the Russians. These guns and their NATO counterparts are an ideal "Assault Breaker" grouping if formed and given plenty of UAV backing

  4. Excellent. Now supply 10 times that number and 100s of thousands of shells. Soldiers win battles; logistics wins wars.

  5. any day now they will be sodomising you, but they will tell you that they are healing a wound, and you will believe it hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe………….. do you believe everything that comes out on you tube from either side?

  6. The soldiers NEED hearing protection. These are young Ukrainians that will want to hear the whispers of their brides and their baby’s cooing when the war is over. Soldiers can have shell shock injury to their nervous system from the louder artillery. Please use ear protection for the future❣️

  7. Folks who think artillery will make a big difference in this war are wrong. Air power and overwhelming ground forces combined with attrition will decide the outcome.

  8. Evil people drool about this, in most cases you don't care about the Ukrainians, u just want to get as many Russians killed as possible. Keep dreaming about it, evil creatures From the comments section.

  9. Humm… 12 vehicles armed with 155 mm cannons where shot against Russians… Lets make them 80 of those firing instead 12 of them… It would be "something" relevant is there weren't thousands of cannons shooting against them… Just saying… Don't believe me!… Who am I to say this!… Just go to see the Ukrainian map of the war situation and go some days back and come back again to date.. You will see for yourselves… Ah… Land only? Remember that the UKRAINIANS are admitting that they loose 200 people DIED a day, 800/1000 wounded a day… Ah… of those casualties, at least 80% are from ARTILLERY and they admitted they NEVER saw a Russian in the battlefield, and, if they never saw one, we can imagine that would not have hurt one with their AK74's.. no?… Russians were shelled in the snake Island… They left the islands… later they can come back, or not… Ukrainians are so "forced" to keep the land that they are having almost all their professional soldiers gone… So? Game Changers? The Me 262 was the FASTEST fighter in WW2.. but there were NO ENOUGH of them to make a difference…Never forget that quantity is a quality in itself when there is not much of a technological difference

  10. must be thrilling to sit in the driver Casino during shooting and feel the shaking. But hm…must'nt there sit anywone anyway to quickly start engine and drive away asap?

  11. Ok guys and gals, It now has become time when you must begin on a large scale to send misslies and bombs into Russia territory. Blow up everything you can, strike fear and panic in it's population, and kill as much as possible. You apathy has gone on too long.
    You MUST also destroy the Crimea bridge as you should of done on day one. Again you have waited far too long.
    You are now in the position to strike back at the Orc's consciousness. More important the people's consciousness. If civilians die in the process, tuff shit. Look at your civilians.
    One lesson you need to learn real quick is you cannot affect a psychopath by being civil. The only thing a psychopath knows is when you affect them personally. You must lower yourself and strike him in is own sick mind or nothing will work against him.
    The difference being, you are able to re-elevate back above him where he cannot. That is your trump card, use it, play his game, kill all he knows and strives for, then come back to our normal level.
    Don't F around and do what is necessary without hesitation or remorese. Think of your civilian dead, women, children, babies. Time to kill there's.

  12. Yes, the situation in Ukraine is horrible. This channel portrays Ukraine as an undefeatable winner, when in fact, Ukraine is suffering heavy losses and is outnumbered in every aspect. The donations by west is simply not enough yet. It would be really nice if things were actually that way (how this channel says).

  13. Jesus this channel is such a propaganda channel, i liked it at the start because the narrator,the music, the ambience the war everything is on point but now im starting to realize you're not talking about the real situation, you're just saying ukraine desteoyed this ukraine destroyed that in every single video, you're not talking about the tactics, the russian army, the losses in general on both sides. Jesus that sucks dude!

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