• Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

INSANE Armoured Infantry Trench Assault | Ukraine War | Combat Footage | Sniper Reviews All footage unconfirmed. All footage …


26 thoughts on “INSANE Armoured Infantry Trench Assault | Ukraine War | Combat Footage | Sniper Reviews”
  1. Sean. Thanks for the footage. Russ armoire attack. Note. BP hatches – visible smoke pours out after each turret gun use. I think this was an undefended stretch of tree line. Note. IFV did not stick around to support the infantry. Off loaded infantry didn’t run for cover. No noticeable defensive fire. Attacking Russ unloaded their kit there and then, on the spot. Including lots of plastic bags containing whatever. My guess, this was an undefended position. The video was purposed for propaganda. Did you notice the off loading Russ without a helmet on. The last segment of the video was a very different location showing a very different trench battle. The armored assault displayed was interesting.

  2. Just curious ive been in my countries army. But ive never seen so much smoker after multiple shots is this becouse if the elements or becouse the equipment isnt well serviced? (This first main video of the russian btrs/bmps

  3. Everything the west media reported were incorrect or misleading. Ukrainian is doom. Soon the west will abandon the Ukrainian. I feel bad for the Ukrainian people.

  4. Awful assault! Drop dismounts in the open right in front of fixed enemy positions and then break contact? Tankers flagging each other, never prepped the objective! Dudes just taking knees in the open!

    Nonetheless, Big Sean coming through with more historic footage! Your videos will surely withstand the test of time!

  5. I think they keep it open because the engine is not in good shape to throw out the gas and they keep it open so as not to die of intoxication

  6. The West needs to step up support dramatically if that's the best defence available. No anti armour weapons, no Artillery support. Just a few men left to die.

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