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The leading news of the day; Putin shocked! The Ukrainian Army has destroyed the Russians! We are here to provide you with the …


35 thoughts on “Putin shocked! The Ukrainian Army has destroyed the Russians!”
  1. Most people in the world including the US and EU / NATO know Ukraine would undoubtedly surrender. A minor loss to Russia in a battle is inevitable , but it’s a war (War and battle are of different perspectives). The people here are getting their comfort to view one tiny piece in a battle and magnify it to the whole picture. Just like a gambler who wins US$100 in a casino to claim he has dissolved the casino. Fairly say, Russia may have never imagined the huge gain obtainable from this war (not only military but also others). Ukraine would likely be dissected not by Russia but by other countries

  2. A Ukrainian lead a small country (22) to fight against (PK ) world no. 2nd Ukraine was supported by 43 nations against russia
    (43 vs1) deem defected
    A russian over excited over small land destroyed what was built 50 yrs invasion of Ukraine war damage any things above ground LEVEL, sick russian destroyed it army ,economy, every thing now reset zero good news
    A chinese oversees but over excited over COVID zero destroyed a country built 30 years with covid zero reset every things he oversees to base zero
    A Germany chicken oops was so selfish but excited to send old weapons to Ukraine to reduce ammo stock kept many years back that too stingy to scrap and unwilling to give
    A French excited to talk to Nazi russian attempted to talk without sucess only military strength will stop the invasion Russian put in is fueled by a sort of nostalgia for Empire' Sad only one w/o Intel in the world
    A US man old but wise giving weapons each week to Ukraine to fight the Ukraine invasion
    A hkie (1416) was banned using the youtube @johnlee2022 and Swift labelled as condom dog (1416) by hkie's banned by Hkies after China's central government imposed a sweeping security law aimed at snuffing out dissent.
    A taiwan who excited track extreme closely with impressive press con. showing the world how good they were lost control of omicron spread wasting resources worst of all forget to buy children covid vaccines and Art's test kit
    A UN (united nei) visited ukraine was show with heavy bombing next to him, for him he like it no action after visit—-nothing just talk

  3. It's a SHAME Putin can dictate what nato can and cannot send to Ukraine to defend itself what cowardness!!!!! My government is only showing the world how week and UNWILLING to send the right weapons that will make a real difference.

  4. Dosta laži.dosta omraza. Dali vašoj naciji ili mom da nam zabrani jezik škole kulturu šta bismo radili iliosetili.svi mi uživamo ljutska prava svuda po svetu .zažto u ukrajinu nisu dali 2do3 milijuna ljutska prava bili uskraćeni tom narodu.plus je bilo uživlavanje nad tom narodu. Da su im dali prava do ovo ne bi došlo.kome je u interes rat.ko hoqe resurse litijuma gasa sa crnog mora i tako dalje.neko neće da se zaustavi rat.zašto ukraina bes ukrainca.nekome tako odgovara .neka gine narod za nekome što mi ide u prilog.

  5. স্বর্গীয় যুদ্ধমৃতঃ মহান সৈনিকদের প্রতি

    To the Great Soldiers expired in WAR.
    I heard you received Jesus Christ
    —on the battlefield (thus),
    Left the body you, went to heaven
    with him though didn't likes
    I heard you so easily
    Enemy forces effortlessly
    Pushed to the 'hell
    Blessed Life yours, respect Hero.

    Heard you learned conflicting countries
    Through great resistance that
    Violence is a sin.
    Your fearless walking,
    —– friendship with dangar
    Welcome to death is normal
    Then blessed life Hero honour honour..

    ### We are in search of a New Era
    Restless Winer Unprotectable Stormy
    We are
    Thorns in our path, Yes
    Fear of horror! Nothing
    On the way of walking
    With the call of Death
    Ignore reliance bright ruthless
    We are
    We are …..
    The goal is to protect
    The dignity of motherland
    Attacked so we know
    Death quite possible
    So the promise is firm
    Victory is inevitable
    We are ….

    স্বর্গীয় যুদ্ধমৃতঃ মহান সৈনিকদের প্রতি
    আমি শুনেছি তোমরা'না'কি
    যুদ্ধ ভূমিতে যীশুখৃষ্টের দেখা পেয়ে
    দেহ ফেলে তাঁর সাথে স্বর্গে গিয়েছ
    আমি শুনেছি তোমরা নাকি
    শত্রু বাহিনী গুলো অনায়াসে
    শেষ করে নরকে পাঠিয়েছ
    ধন্য জীবন এটাই বীর প্রনাম যেন.

    আমি শুনেছি সংঘাতকারী দেশকে
    মহা প্রতিরোধ মাধ্যমে বুঝিয়েছো
    হিংসা লোভ মহা'পাপ,
    তব নির্ভীক পথ'চলা বিপদ বন্ধু করা
    মৃত্যু বরণ করা স্বাভাবিক সংলাপ,
    তব successful lives

    আমরা নতুন যুগের সন্ধানে
    দুরন্ত দুর্জয় দুর্মর দুর্বার
    আমাদের পথে কাঁটা
    বীভৎসতার ভয় ছাটা
    চলার পথে পথে
    মৃত্যুর আহ্বানেতে
    উপেক্ষা নির্ভর উজ্জ্বল নির্মম
    We are
    লক্ষ্য, রক্ষা সদা
    দেশমায়ের মর্য্যাদা
    আক্রান্ত তাই জানি
    মৃত্যু স্বাভাবিক মানি
    প্রতিজ্ঞা দৃহ তাই
    জয় অনিবার্য্য

  6. Yea IT is not a Shameful retreat and capitulation it is Just Evacuation Like in Azovstall , It is Clever Tactic , Give the Enemy Your land and Vote For President Putin ) and you will be a Winner

  7. russia controll less land then 90 days ago practically 32.000 soldiers died x nothing with 5 divisions obliterated + 26.000 wounded and 35% of the invading army obliterated.
    Quite a pretty war bill this Donbas…not a bargain for sure taking the country back to 1991 BY DEFAULT.

  8. The world is with Ukraine and prays fervently for Russia's destruction for this murderous criminal decision of Putin and his anti-Christian generals and other flunkies. God does not the aggressor, but the Russian Orthodox Church never learned this important spiritual principle because it submitted to the toxic and insidious influences of an atheistic Communist Ideology.

  9. Ukraine military should stand down, regroup, and wait for the new howitzers and MLRS missiles system then cut the eastern region in half and then go after crimea.

  10. My morale would be suffering as well if I were fighting a bunch of valiant warrior poets who were defending their home against an unlawful invader.

  11. June 4 – Ukraine – Zelensky – Crimea is Ukraine's now you must work from south to go north – heavy artillery's and drones this way nobody can come up behind from the south force Russia north work hard big bombs do not stop go heavy up north to the middle make a big opening with
    soldiers & howitzers get the men up south to north Jets can help now

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