• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Russia Ukraine War: Ukraine’s Hypocrisy on India Exposed | Vantage with Palki Sharma Ukraine’s hypocrisy is on full display.


40 thoughts on “Russia Ukraine War: Ukraine’s Hypocrisy on India Exposed | Vantage with Palki Sharma”
  1. Ukraine sold so much military artillery to Pakistan even after the objections from India just to pursue their economical gains. Guess whose blood was put on cost by Ukraine while selling military equipment to Pakistan???

    You get what you follow… India-Russia friendship is time proven.

    Why should India snub a friend for a country who sold weapons to Pakistan at the cost of thr bloods of Indians.

  2. I do feel bad for the children in Ukraine since no child should go through war but at the same time remaining neutral is the only way to no further anymore bloodshed, in my opinion.

  3. Ukrainians can't be trusted. History is our teacher. And presently we have good advisors to the GOI. Hence, our government will take appropriate steps.

    Fun Facts:
    Global/Hollywood comedian – elensky
    Desi/Bollywood comedian- Pappu RaGa

  4. The reason behind this is India is ruled by Aryan's-Brahmans-Manuwadis-Savarnas-RSS-BJP Saffron Jihadi and Saffron Talibani Terrorist-Hatemongers Garbage Gang's Hyenas Government, so;no wonders of Ukraine's U-turn, idiot PM of India…

  5. Ukraine is in a corner and needs aid from India and hence is talking good of India
    Pakistan is in a corner and needs aid from India and hence pakistanis talking sweet nothings like we are same culturally, same DNA, we were one and such other.
    Both will not be talking good about India if they werent in a soup.

  6. Ukrainian people are some of the most hypocrite of the humankind! I say this with personal experience with close friend of Ukrainian national. Was pleased to see jaishankar maintaining his own having his hand being forced by the westerners. They happen to also be one of a kind racists, with sheer hatred of Indians.

  7. Europeans were getting more from Russia than anyone including oil, gas nuclear fuels, food,etc. Who is Ukraine trying to fool? Ukraine got more than $65 billions from USA and Europeans and yet struggling to win the war. Just surrender.

  8. It's time for Ukraine's Ministry to realize that their words against India are hurting them more than it would affect India's pride. Europeans had been giving too much advice to India. here's a advice for Ukraine, change the mindset and ministry.

  9. India doesn’t need to address these agenda driven asks by Ukraine. India should continue to send medical aid India because as a Nation we never supported war but diplomatic conversations. Ukraine had always tried to play smart in every place like supporting Pakistan n agendas against India. Besides the stance of Ukraine, we don’t need to support Ukraine on any other front considering we are now the most populous country which it has to feed & their interests need to be given top most priority rest is secondary.

  10. Ukrainians are dying because they are fighting a losing war. Treat all Ukrainians equally. You should treat Russian-speaking Ukrainians in the same way. You have been attacking them since 2013.

  11. An excellent report by Palki. In the words of Kamala Harris, Ukraine is a small country that has been invaded by a large country and that is not right. Well unfortunately Ukraine voted for a comedian joker as President, who is a puppet of the US, who instead of negotiating peace with Putin provoked him. What Russia is doing is atrocious. But the jokers stubborn stand has brought about death and destruction to his country. Yes Ukraine is a small country and should have realised its limitations before getting tangled with Putin. Chances are the peace settlement will include Ukraine giving up Crimea and regions such as Donbas which wanted to separate from Ukraine. Playing the victim card has not helped, but the joker continues to play it.

  12. Europe buys more russian oil than India! Yet, Ukraine blames India of bank rolling Russia! NOW they want our help, they are flattering India! Should we be more careful?

  13. Where are they will criticize Pakistan and China comes on illegal occupation of Indian occupation Indian territories? Ukraine Russia war is causing damage world economy. I think no one other than Zelensky can stop war and make restore peace in this world.

  14. India is soft !! Will definitely try to accommodate keav's request. And again will get slapped again in the face in near feature. Like mission DOST. This is who wee are!

  15. Ukrainian elite are among the most corrupt in Europe, russian are even more so. Leave Ukraine to Russia and Russia to Ukraine. And another European war to Europeans.

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