• Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

There are no clear winners. Both Moscow & Kyiv keep making claims & counterclaims of having the upper hand. But in the fog of …


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  1. Any county's growth and it's public's knowledge, their living standards,country's crime ratio and all other factors related with public are all based on the government. other words political party either ruling or opposition decides above all said factors

  2. It's not Ukraine and Russia
    It's someone else holding keys for profit. Ukraine fooled itself and now war has gone out of control.
    It will soon be catastrophe for NATO

  3. great Britain is nothing to do with the war, stay out of it and look after our own british homless etc, Britain is full bursting at the seams, send all immigrants home were not European, grow a set of balls

  4. People ask who is winning the war in Ukraine well the answer is simple NO ONE suffering death destruction injuries mother's of Russian soldiers who have lost sons Mother's of Ukrainian men who are grieving children the elderly the poor pets or animals who are stuck in destruction there are no winners here JUST LOSERS Man's inhumanity against man

  5. —- shouldn't of attacked the Kerch Straight bridge . That's the reason why Russia now attacks Ukraine infrastructure .
    Kerch Straight Bridge – don't forget it .

  6. Clearly Russia is winning the war.
    In the same way,as our Nexal Army won the war against indian black dogs crpf terrorists, and killed thousands of indian black crpf terrorists from nexalistaan.
    Support Nexal Army and Russia from Tawang Arunachal Pradesh, occupied by indian black dogs

  7. No war was won but destruction done by powerful countries like nuclear bombs agent orange by american forces bec they have it all ..but they lost in vietnam..

  8. Why doesn't Ukraine attack Russia at home too!?Give them a missile to wipe out Moscow.. Russia has done much damage to their infastructure too, only fair, lets return the favour.

    Hit their power supply too so they can … Hit their water and military bases… If Russian wipes out Ukraine with nuclear… All the nations against Russia with nuclear must sent them all to Russia and wipe it out too.

  9. Secretly the Russians Steps going closer to the unimaginable Neuclear mightiest weapons, Russia and his allies countries are all very cruel and agressive, they will never give up their war , but just waiting to take the deadliest revenge on all their enemies, to wipe out the entire planet earth. Did they designed the Neuclear Weapons to keep in the showrooms? No ! They all have their own plans to rule this world, or to destroy entire planet.

  10. NATO and USA are winning, they got plenty sales of weapons, north korea and Iran too..losing are ukraine citizens suffered a lot.. Russia winning of also after more sales of gas

  11. Russia is winning…. at the end of the day, Ukraine will NEVER be allowed to join NATO… that is the message and stance that Russia will never change. As long as they have nukes, they will NEVER lose this war. Only loser is Ukraine…

  12. Thanks to peace keeper and defender and evil Killer Mr Putin God bless Russia , love from Morocco keep up the good work defend your borders and territories and keep the world in peace.

  13. Don’t talk about winning not now. Russia invade and attacked Ukraine expecting to takeover in few weeks and the war is still going on. Capturing and holding on to is two different things. Killing the Ukrainians and and destroying their country will let them surrender to Russia.
    Even Russia take over Ukraine they won’t let them stay. Sameness makes Putin still going on with the war,he get away with other countries but Ukraine is a though nut. Comedian VS Russia

  14. True..but would UKRAINIANS dominate the AIR without the HELP of WESTERN COUNTRIES? We dont think so.. So overall.. UKRAINIAN AIR FORCE would just fall just like every jet fighters.. Imagine without the help of others.. UKRAINIAN would have fallen by now. Their very lucky.. But this WAR wont stop here.. Its getting even worst.

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