• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
6 thoughts on “Ukrainian artillery destroys Russian oil depot near Kherson.”
  1. There is no glory, only shame, in declaring wars on countries that have little or no chance of defending themselves.

    There is glory in defending the weak against the tyranny of the invading powerful enemies. WAR OR PEACE!

    This evolving message will be relentless. Silence is not an option! We will not be silenced and neither should you be!

    This is important! It is worth reading. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this call for support!


    Allies and Ukraine must Attack Russia Motherland Until Invading Russia Military and Terrorists are Terminated in Ukraine!

    So goes Russia, so goes likeminded Countries! Invader Terrorist Putin and Russia must be made to know what the consequences and costs will be for Invading Ukraine. Other likeminded Countries with invasion ambitions will also be persuaded to forgo these ambitions when they realize the cost of an invasion and the accountabilities they will face.

    Failure to Terminate Terrorist Putin will entice other tyrants to commence new wars and slaughter innocent civilians.

    This must be, at this time in history, the dumbest war ever! Our Planet’s Climate and every other Important Issue is on hold while Neanderthal Putin’s Russian Invader priority strives to send us back to the Dark Ages! Our planet will not survive a Putin Victory! We must put an end to this Putin Russia Invader nonsense, while we still can! If we can! Anything less will quickly lead to Invader Putin’s Russia Extinction of our Planet Earth! A short-term, mute point will be, the Total Genocide Destruction of Ukraine and empower Invader Russia to attack and destroy other countries. This war isn't between Russia and Ukraine! This war is between Putin and Humanity! If humanity can't get our priorities in order, we'll all go extinct, and this includes Russia.

    Imagine if the time, funds and effort waisted on this war and other international buildup of arms by humanity, had been directed towards saving our environment. Humanity would be in a much better place. It is important to voice opinions. Opinions can change things for the better. You can help prevent the extinction of our planet Earth. Please help.

    This is a call to arms to every country to defend the weak against the powerful tyrannical invaders. The Humanity of other countries is now being tested in their willingness to support and defend weaker countries. The Humanity of organizations such as UN, EU and NATO/OTAN are being tested and their responsibilities are international. This is also a call to the Good People of Russia to revolt against Putin's Invasion of Ukraine. Please Support Reputable Ukraine Fundraisers. Thank you.

    In 2014 when Putin, the leader of Russia, invaded Ukraine and seized Crimea, the European Union (EU), the United Nations (UN) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO/OTAN) stood by and did little, however, the international community did not recognized the validity of the annexation of Crimea region by Russia. Here we are again in 2022 with Russia's second invasion of Ukraine. This time the EU, UN and NATO/OTAN must and will defend and support Ukraine. In 2023 it is now obvious to everyone, especially Russian Military, that Ukraine is "FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT". The Crimea region will be returned to the Ukraine when the Ukraine expels Russia from Crimea and defends Ukraine's own sovereignty.

    Will Russia survive as a country! There is also the potential of a revolution within Russia that could replace Putin and the Government. If Putin is not assassinated, Putin, a straw man, will live in exile to avoid assassination. Sadly, whoever replaces Putin will, almost certainly, be worst than Putin. Also, similar to the collapse of the Soviet Union (USSR), is the possibility of the disintegration of Russia itself. Putin has no one to blame but himself. Putin's Cannon Fodder Predictions: By June 15, 2023 Russia Soldiers deaths in Ukraine: 250,000! Russian Soldiers Injured in Ukraine: 750,000! Russian Refugees fleeing Russia: 4,850.000! Terminate every Russian Invader, Military, Wagner Terrorists, Spies and Putin with extreme prejudice (TNP)! Putin, The Tyrant, will sacrifice 50,000,000 Soldiers in the Ukraine to achieve his Dark Ages Ambitions. We believe Putin will kill more Russian Soldier than Ukraine. What do you Think! The Good People of Russia must demand Putin face Military Criminal Charges for The Unnecessary Loss of Life of Russian Military Personnel!

    In 2023 Allies of Ukraine are concerned for their citizens who currently reside in Russia. Allies Embassies, in Russia, must be closed NOW! Now is the time for Allies of the Ukraine to shift from being reactive to being proactive. Allies must stop dancing around this issue. Let’s be clear, this is a Proxy War on both sides. So goes Ukraine, so goes Europe! The Ukraine must be equipped with similar military defensive and offensive weapons that will enable Ukraine, to inflict similar damage upon Invader Russia and Russia Mother Land, as Invader Russian continues to inflict upon Ukraine. Putin and Russia to face consequences. If Europe does not come to the defense of Ukraine against Russia then Europe will succumb to Russia sooner than later.

    Ukraine and their Allies may have little choice, soon, but to take this war to Invader Russia Mother Land and destroy Russia Infrastructures in Moscow and elsewhere. Ukraine and their Allies, may be compelled to show the Good People of Russia what Invader Russia has been doing to Ukraine civilian population since this war started. Ukraine and their Allies must also increase their Military Presence on the Borders of Russia now, as a show of United Force. Putin and Russia will listen to the power of destruction of Russia's Motherland Infrastructure. Make Russia listen by example. As Russia sows, so Shall Russia Reap!

    Ukraine and their Allies must now take control of the narrative and retaliatory offensive actions against Invader Putin and Russia. Ukraine and their Allies must maximize the neutralization of invading Russian Soldiers. Allies must provide Ukraine with fighter jets and long range missiles now! Ukraine and their Allies must warn Putin and Russia that escalation by Russia will be met with innumerable escalations by Ukraine and their Allies. Moscow, Saint Petersburg and elsewhere in Russia Motherland will become battlegrounds. Humanity's destiny has arrived! Escalation of this war will continue until Invader Putin and Russia capitulate. There are no easy options! Humanities future demands nothing less. Ukraine and their Allies will liberate unlawfully annexed regions: Crimea, Kerson, Zaporizhia, Donetsk, and Luhansk. Invader Putin and Russia must accept these liberations. If we fail to defend those who cannot defend themselves, we all fail, and this includes Russia.

    Russia Mercenary Wagner Leader Yevgeny Prigozhin will be charged, tried, convicted and executed for War Crimes!

    Mercenaries & Spies are defined as Terrorists by the Geneva Conventions. Mercenaries are not entitled to the status of combatant, prisoner of war (API Article 47), or any of the categories of protected persons provided for by the Geneva Conventions. Terrorists & Spies, when captured, are all executed. If we don't say, it's WWIII, it doesn't mean it isn't WWIII.

    Battles are important! Battles can be won or lost. The War is most important, it must be won by Ukraine and their Allies!

    The International Criminal Court (ICC) issued a life time arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin for war crimes. Russia has forcibly taken Ukrainian children. The ICC also issued a life time warrant for Putin's commissioner for children's rights, Maria Lvova-Belova. The ICC prosecutes war crimes against humanity, genocide and the crime of aggression on behalf of its 123 member states. The ICC charges, tries and convicts all war criminals, in absentia. Convicted War Criminals are arrested, on site, by these member states, and assets are seized, were possible within its 123 member states, and these assets are redistributed to Ukraine as partial compensation.

    Invader Russia, Putin, Russian Politicians, Russian Military, and others within Russia must also be held accountable for War Crimes against Ukraine and others. It is now time to charge, try and convict all mentioned as war criminals, in absentia. International Warrants will be issued for all convicted of war crimes. This will greatly restrict international travel of the convicted war criminals. Also any held international assets will be seized by authorities, where these assets are held.

    Invader Putin and Russia must be held Financially Responsible for restoring Ukraine from all damages done to Ukraine by Invader Putin and Russia.

    Invader Putin and Russia must lose their Veto Vote within the United Nations (UN).

    Invader Putin and Russia must return over one million Ukraine Children Kidnapped for retraining in Russia. This is a War Crime.

    Invader Putin and Russia must surrender their nuclear weapons to the United Nation (UN). The UN will be responsible for destroying these weapons.

    Demilitarized Zones must be established within Invader Russia’s country of at least 100 km(s), with all Foreign Bordering Countries, who so desire.

    What path will Humanity and Putin choose! The path of the Dodo Bird or the path to Peace and Environmental Salvation!!

    Dare to dream: In a perfect humanity world, via the United Nations (UN), no country will possess Nuclear Weapons!

    The final planet solution may be the extinction of humanity will provide the planet what it needs to recover over time!

    Be mindful of the documents you read. Please do your own research and judge accordingly. Please share this message!

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