• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023
15 thoughts on “Putin's Last Hope Has Been Destroyed! Assassination of the Kremlin's Most Trusted General!”
  1. Many. people are involved going to Hell with Putins foolish policies……Well, no people will belive him either russians will doubt his capabilitoes……… Blow in russia.

  2. He needs to answer for all of is crimes and killing s of innocent people and children. Not just Ukraine people but the Russian people to. Let's hope pace comes soon .

  3. When globalist have tried to buy the Ukraine…and the Ukraines lost their own homeground caused by this western corruption and oligarchs

  4. I have contact with a US vet who is working for a Ukrainian paid Mercenary group. He told me he knows personally of over 70 captured Russian Tanks that have been restored to operating condition. He said the Ukraine crews dislike those Tanks. They claim they are poorly built and undependable.

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