• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Russia Ukraine War: US Drones Attack Russia | Macron’s Hypocrisy Exposed | Vantage with Palki Sharma The war in Ukraine …


37 thoughts on “Russia Ukraine War: US Drones Attack Russia | Macron's Hypocrisy Exposed | Vantage with Palki Sharma”
  1. This is imposing war between the USA and Russia thanks to the biting administration who is corrupt and is leading our nation to ruin Aiden the snail terrorists who has touched Russian soils with Western technology in which he was not supposed to do I'll need to push back Russian armies and get them out of his now we have Putin and and China chili villains of the world

  2. America is not invading Ukraine based on lies and propaganda. Anyone supporting Russia should be ashamed of themselves

  3. MACRON is really in favour of free speech… for him only. It seems that France is fast-forwarding to dictatorship while being submitted to Americans. Don't try to understand : it's the famous "at the same time", the ultimate french paradox…

  4. I dians are so innocent that even top officials, police are involved in human trafficing. Ordinary people rape and burn alive poor victims and tgen take all tgeir belongings, money. Innocent indians lie to customers every step of the way and steal other people's money.

  5. Corrupt Biden family – did not answer for CORRUPTION in Ukraine according to Burisma! Why is CORRUPTION so unprecedented in the USA? What does the US teach the world community?

  6. The Americans get huge hardon for war and the profits they make of giant piles of DEAD CIVILIANS. They love every bit of it 100% to be clear EVERY AMERICAN supports the slaughter of women and children for profits they vote for it over and over again, Hell the american openly admit they love war they celebrate it even worship it all year long. They call men that killed 1 million people for no reason In Iraq HEROES and victims at the same time. there will never be world peace the American are 100% addicted war and its profits like crack addicts with crack they spend everyday and every moment ensuring there are plenty of wars and dead civilian to profits off of. there #1 export isa WAR AND DEATH>

  7. French president macron not arrest and torture press reporters on terrorism charges thats double standrads of freedom of speech Eu is sleeping in this matter.

  8. Right, so the Taliban overthrown the afghan government and they "NEED" 4 Billion funding in aid? Afghan released a prototype of one super car, it took them 5 years to build; 3 months ago.

  9. And more: After the bombing of where 200/300 people where killed, how could the States react? OTAN cannot be officialy in Ukrainian soil. . But: imagine, private companies, better said oil companies, move to Ukraine to drill there (any oil? any gas? since it came from Russia?) . Russia can hardly hit private companies "with no relation to NATO". Imagine a driller being killed by Russia? Oil industry is the most famous in the States. THere would be an immadiate uproar in the States. More, why not install rigs on top of bunkers (if the purpose is not to drill….) or near sensitive targets. It is a very very risky games from the States. European Unian should understand. Yes the proxy war in Ukraine could easily turn into a European proxy war. ANyway, the States dont give a damn. To get rid of the EU is may be another project. Although as long as the EU is an oil and gas customer….. Here we are. A bit closer every day to a bigger war. Since Russian has no margin to react, what will be Russia next move? Another escalation.

  10. Ukraine is absolutely finished! After Russia hit the underground bunker taking out hundreds of Ukraines military brass and a bunch of NATO officers, they should have simply surrendered!!! They thought they were safe 400ft (28 stories) underground in a cement bunker now there are hundreds never coming out of said bunker!!! Nothing they or NATO can do to both save Ukraine or stop Russia! Not with their unstoppable hypersonic missles!!!

  11. Russia's attack on Ukraine is essentially viewed as an attack on the entire "free – world"! It threatens ALL of us, Including India, Africa, Latin America and the rest! Not just the west or NATO… So, I am not surprised…

  12. Portraying Macron as "Adolf Hitler" is a crime?
    But Macron and his cabinet call anyone "Nazis" and "White supremacists" who disagree his politics and immigration policies is not a crime??? When the same things are coming out of their mouth, than it is considered as "social justice". Just another double standard by these dictatorial globalists.

  13. This is Russian propaganda and misinformation. The video is not factual. Of course the USA would never attack Russia with its drones. To do so could trigger a nuclear response. This video is a Kremlin scare tactic, designed to undermine confidence and cause confusion.

  14. what a lies! Russia is winning and Ukraine is going as down as the US and NATO planned for a long time ago! They used the poor Ukraine only as the scape goat for their dirty politics against Putin! US is at the end of its own country!

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