• Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

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33 thoughts on “Update from Ukraine | The Angry Ruzzian Patriots will help Ukraine to win the war”
  1. It so interesting to see how history repeats itself – it's like when dr Göbbels predicted that russians and americans would start to fight each other in may 1945!

  2. Russina soldiers dig holes because their leaders know to keep them buzy and scared about upcoming attack (even if Ukraine could not attack from that direction) . So that the slave soldiers are too buzy, tires and scared to challenge their leaders.

  3. Only need one ATACMS missile
    Okay 2 of them ,
    One to backward engineer and another to target Putin !
    I’d love to see Ukraine puking ATACMS out of their factories
    If they can make 10 a day ..game over !

    Even one a day would do it!
    How helpful would a range of 190 miles that doesn’t miss weighing in at 4000 pounds
    Mach 3.
    Yes !
    I think it would be helpful
    They are pricy but depending on target they could be seen as cheap !
    I can think of several targets they can be used on and be considered cheap !

  4. I wonder if there’s
    100 million bottles of champagne still sitting under BakMutt

    And , If this should be deleted please do it !

    There’s caves that tie BakMut many miles in different directions . Only few people know the details of this feature .
    Have you seen photos of all the bottles ?
    I know other things but not going to post things that could harm Ukrainians.
    I support Ukraine for as long as it takes .

  5. The trenches are made straight to make it a little easier for Ukrainians to neutralize the Russian troops !
    When Ukrainian tanks get close to those trenches just yell if you want to live , drop your weapons wave white anything and stand up !

    If you don’t want to live ! Just Stand up , we will do the rest !
    You have 2 minutes to decide !

  6. If Putin kills all the men in Russia they will become a huge brothel for all of China and Asia .. the people of Russia are going to be so angry at the ruling party I’d expect some level of revolution ..it’s how they’ve done it before .

  7. wow, your country is getting ripped apart 1000s upon 1000s are getting killed and god knows how many people have lost limbs all so you can bend over to US and it's lackies???

  8. Ukrainian propaganda, Stop it, just tell us news! It shows you are losing it, you sound too emotional. I have reported you to youtube as a possible propaganda, and possible hate channel. Also your enemy is ys in the west western people most are angry over spending, so if your going to win do it or come to the peace table

  9. Very good they that switched sides made a good decision and are lucky we even offer clemency for this after the atrocities and killing they have done. Russian soldiers and equipment are to give up to Ukraine and fight with them. Some of them could even guise themselves into looking like Russia fighters to go under cover and strike the enemy from with in carefully to return to fighting for Ukraine.
    Archangel Michael

  10. your assessment is great – I am very confident that China is waiting for the collapse of Russia as they want Siberia for themselves – Putin has screwed up big time and the leadership around him are too weak to remove him – they are clearly not patriotic enough – do they know what Russian Roulette is?

  11. Air Support. Get the people out, then commit air strikes to all military targets in Crimea while Russian airpower is weak. Sounds easy. Evacuation. But you would think that all who live anywhere near a medical building, clinic, hospital anywhere in Crimea should go there as Ukraine will not attack there. And hopefully most who live close to any military target thinking, why would you stay? The more air support for the Ukraine tanks and troops, the better. Rain Hell,!!!!!

  12. The last time Russian forces lost any ground was its calculated and orderly retreat from Kherson. That was 5 months ago.

    So how does anyone think a "Huge" Ukrainian counter attack will make any progress.

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