• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Zelensky calls Russian soldiers 'animals' after Ukrainian beheading videos surface

Two videos have emerged on pro-Russian social media in the past week that appear to show Russian soldiers beheading …


29 thoughts on “Zelensky calls Russian soldiers 'animals' after Ukrainian beheading videos surface”
  1. This is just the same as have happened for century after century in these blood soaked European lands, plagued from barbarians from the Eurasian steppes.

  2. Very sad❤.
    I remember that somebody said war helps nobody only the men in suits.
    There was also a UA drone that shot grenades at a injured and unarmed russian soldier

  3. Why are people so surprised? Russian soldiers have relatives and families living in Ukraine and the Russian soldiers still attack and kill them.

  4. America gave a good example of barbaric wars and atrocities to everybody. War crimes of U.S. is still not forgotten. So CNN don't talk here about "barbarism". U. S. raised Ukrainian regime and provoced this conflict, not Russia.

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