• Sun. Jun 4th, 2023

Ukrainian drones bombing 439 Russian wagner troops in hiding trench line Bakhmut. The 18 pilots drones who make up the …


21 thoughts on “All out Battle!!! Ukrainian drones bombing 439 Russian wagner troops in hiding trench line Bakhmut”
  1. Give them Hell Ukraine! The Storm is Coming– Slava Ukraine..

    Дай им Ад Украину! Грядет буря– Слава Украина..

  2. 全世界切莫與俄魔共舞!否則將成為全世界有良知人類的共同敵人!看到發動侵略戰爭的KGB獨裁者普丁還在電視上嬉皮笑臉的受訪!真為俄羅斯善良無辜無奈的人民與俄羅斯年輕俄兵感到憤怒!俄羅斯的希特勒普丁獨裁統治者只為了滿足普丁外擴個人統治權的野心!2014年已侵略佔領烏克蘭克里米亞半島!2022/02/24食髓知味,更是人心不足蛇吞象,再度入侵烏克蘭本土屠城侵略佔領!破壞烏克蘭人民原本安居樂業的幸福家園!懦夫普丁從不珍惜自己俄羅斯年輕俄兵的寶貴生命!不惜利用權力強徵推逼無辜年輕俄兵為其個人外擴統治權力的野心!獨裁者普丁利用權力強徵逼迫年輕俄兵去侵略殺伐已無辜死亡數十萬無辜無奈無權的年輕俄兵!全世界最貪生怕死的懦夫普丁擁有權力卻不珍惜權力KGB獨裁懦夫普丁最該死的至今卻尚未死!牠從來就不在乎俄羅斯別人家永遠死不完的兒子!牠只在乎自己個人不會死就好!只要自己的體膚完好沒斷手沒斷腳掌握獨裁者的權力!反正俄羅斯別人家永遠死不完的兒子都是賤命爛命一條!再生就有!強徵推逼年輕俄兵只准聽命!不准抗命!否則通通槍斃!只有普丁牠自己的命才是尊貴的一條寶貴生命!俄魔普丁只在乎個人外擴統治權力的野心!俄魔普丁必下地獄!

  3. Rest assured, all world free nations (they are over 180 nations) support and stand with Ukraine either openly or secretly. As for nations supporting Russia, they are not genuinely supporting Russia, they only expect free or cheap oil, gas and money from Russia

  4. I didn’t see Ukrainian drone’s attacking 439 Russian troops why do you use Clickbait on every one of your Titles. Tell the truth thank you

  5. Behold the awe-inspiring spectacle of the resolute determination of the Ukrainian armed forces, which has captivated the world! For more than a year, these valiant soldiers have faced daunting challenges, battling through unforgiving conditions and enduring sub-zero temperatures with unparalleled devotion and unyielding fortitude. Their unwavering commitment to safeguarding the fundamental pillars of humanity is an inspiration to us all, particularly to those who enjoy the blessings of living in peaceful and democratic societies. Let us offer our deepest gratitude to these selfless soldiers, who tirelessly put their lives on the line for the greater good. With a heart full of admiration, I offer my heartfelt prayers and utmost respect to these courageous defenders of freedom.

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