• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Who will launch the next big offensive in Ukraine? Will it be Russia or Ukrainian military? Reports say Ukraine’s spring offensive is …


20 thoughts on “Gravitas | Ukraine, Russia war: The next big offensive. Here's who benefits from the war”
  1. In a nutshell. When a country targets and kills innocent civilians with rockets and missiles like Russia is doing in Ukraine. Should Ukraine lose the war and Russia decides that it wants more territory than just Ukraine. Then other European countries should expect the same kind of treatment from Russia with their own civilian population. No doubt other European countries and members of Nato are aware of this fact too. And will do everything they can to support Ukraine. And for their own survival not just Ukraine.

  2. There is no doubt that they have to answer for everything they did on the territory of Ukraine, because Ukrainians remember everything and will never forgive them!!!

  3. the army of the Ukrainians in a year of war and practice has learned to fight on modern methods of combat, while Russia operates large groups of troops, thanks to the support of Nato and modern equipment, Ukraine can inflict a crushing blow without requiring many reserves, but Ukraine needs more weapons for the spring offensive, and we need to help them with that

  4. Okay, all Ukraine needs to win is more ammo and modern weapons. That's it. They are well-trained, they are very motivated and they know how to fight effectively. This is precisely why our politicians should stop hesitating and send everything Ukraine needs to them. Only by working together we will be able to repel these russian attacks and ultimately win the war.

  5. All fronts of the conflict have seen escalation, with Russia perpetrating systematic destruction of cities. The entire southeastern region of Ukraine has become a wasteland, with millions of citizens affected, and regions such as Soledar, Bakhmut, and Ugledar remain in constant fear.

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