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Inside the secret training bases for foreign soldiers fighting for Ukraine – BBC News


May 3, 2023 , ,

Thousands of foreign fighters have joined Ukrainian armed forces since Russia invaded the country in February.


34 thoughts on “Inside the secret training bases for foreign soldiers fighting for Ukraine – BBC News”
  1. Look at this propaganda now… Not looking great over there regardless of the huge amount of taxes that have been wasted on backing Zelenskyy and his far right cronies

  2. That MG42 I think the Canadian was holding. it's still damn good!! Regardless what Era! Jus don't lessen the gas and keep it at its buzzsaw high rate of fire!

  3. 2:41 The Canadian soldier talking about the possibility of bad equipment and weapons not provided is carrying a pretty well maintained WW2 MG42 heavy machine gun that rip a leg in half with one short burst.

  4. Это больше не история о том, что мир переживает глобальный экономический спад. Я так счастлив, что получаю 64 000 долларов из своих инвестиций в 15 000 долларов, пока они не оживятся ниже! Мы уже в депрессии.

  5. Ukraine is being manipulated by its corrupted regime to fight a war of the west against their own kin in Russia

    the videos from the beginning of the war still on YouTube

    the Russians didn't fire a bullet they were aiding civilians cross the roads and carry bags

    they didn't bomb airports or powerplants and Ukrainian soldiers didn't take the fight seriously and some of theme got caught and the Russian soldiers were giving them cigarettes

    the west did this

    the USA did this and destroyed Ukraine and even backstabbing Europe to have them fight their war while cut off the Russian gas to force Europe on buying expensive gas and rearming from the USA

    and guess what

    just like the UK kept paying it's ww2 debt to the USA till 2020 Ukraine will pay a similar debt for the next century

    the USA destroyed Ukraine

    had Ukrainians fight and die for the USA

    and put Ukraine in debt for a century

    I just hope that when this war ends one way or another Ukrainians learn the lesson regarding who's really your enemy and who's your ally

    dude even if Russia was evil and unprovoked

    geographically and culturally Ukraine and Russia should be allies

    because no nation can have a long term problems with the people next door

    the fox that lives on the other side of the forest is using you as a puppet to kill your brothers

  6. 2:50… "Get what evers left" Shoulders a legendary MG3 or MG42 over his shoulder…
    Really? I dont mean to nipick here and thanks for his service but that magine gun over his shoulder was and still is extremely effiecient in making holes for almost 80+ years.
    Id' be whining if i got a Platefed Russian machinge gun.

  7. They are piece of shit mercenaries. British pedophiles. Nuclear bombs over satanic America and England! Piece of shit anglo saxons.

  8. Wow, Russia really pissed a lot of the world. Also, I have been watching these videos in search of my friend from basic training who went to fight for the Foreign Legion of Ukraine

  9. Happy Christmas for All foreign solders Who help Ukraine! Fank you very much!!!
    Всех иностранных защитников, для которых Рождество 24-25/ 12 – праздник , поздравляем с ним с благодарностью ! Happy Christmas ! Joyeux Noël ! Feliz Navidad ! Buon Natale !..

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