• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

In this video we will try to understand why in the current Ukrainian-Russian war, Polish self-propelled howitzer AHS Krab has a …


34 thoughts on “Polish howitzer Krab is BETTER than you think!”
  1. The Panzerhaubitze appears to be a fantastic howitzer, but in practice…. it's hard to fight with it effectively, as it's plagued by constant failures. Reliability is not a parameter that can be easily printed on an advertising flyer, like… firing range, for example.

  2. WB Electronics Topaz is more than artillery calculator. It’s literally Uber but for guns. In order to request fire support all that a soldier has to do is press a button on his own Topaz terminal. And the gunners will recieve the fire mission on their terminal.

  3. You forgot to mention that – according to Ukrainian soldiers at least – AHS Krab can fire a few thousand rounds and still be operational while vaunted PzH 2000 can fire only a few hundred rounds before it needs to have its barrel replaced.

  4. Poland repeatedly failed to develop a self-propelled howitzer body for 20 years and asked Hanwha Defense, a S.Korea company, to perfectly combine the K9-based body with a British-made turret, and finally the Krab was born.However, since parts from many countries are imported and assembled, the price is high and productivity is reduced.

  5. On 15.02.2023 Polish government announced a subsidy to HSW of USD 400 million, for increasing its production capacity. So, I hope Russians like 155mm shells served by Krab.

  6. Actually, you're mistaken. We (Poland) gave Ukraine 18 Krab howitzers as a gift and sold and deliver 54 at the exact moment before we even saw the money. Usually country has to wait for such a great order for about 3 years to have the weapon produced and delivered. Poland sent the howitzer taken not even from the army storage but from the regular artillery units. 72 Krab's been fighting in Ukraine for a few months already. Who helps fast helps twice.

  7. Well, Ukrfaine got 70 Krabs months ago, beside that 80 akacja units were delivered. Nobody talks about that, since its not broadcasted in news. Polish military experts already confirmed those numbers. 70 working Krabs are much better than 6/12 working Pz2000, simple

  8. The Krabs also have a Canadian made hot water dispenser. For coffee/tea/soup and clean up. A real plus in winter conditions!

  9. Actually Poland gave Ukraine over 52 Krabs. It was sources from internet cameras over railways. And it main advantage besides the mentioned above is the Topaz system. All of them are connected and managed by it, allowing for unprecedented control

  10. AHS Krab is the best artilery piece for Ukraine. Only Pzh 2000 is better but only on paper. In reality they break down very quickly and around 1/3 of them if not more are in constant repair and out of action.

  11. It's both funny and exciting for me to hear about the HSW Krab on english YT channel, because Krabs are made in my home city Stalowa Wola, Poland, which is rather small and has only ~60k inhabitants. Actually the whole city is based on military industry, and it even have been founded just 1 year before WW2 in 1938 mainly to produce military stuff.

  12. The crab's phenomenon is its guidance system. Each crab is equipped with a drone. After connecting the guidance systems, the drone controls the crab where to drive to shoot!!!!

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