• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Scott Ritter: Ukraine cannot win this war. It's a 'fantasy.'

Editor note: This interview was recorded Nov. 4, 2022 Former US Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter explains why a …


37 thoughts on “Scott Ritter: Ukraine cannot win this war. It's a 'fantasy.'”
  1. "Russian military death toll in Ukraine rises to about 190,510 troops"

    "Russia has already lost about 190,510 troops in Ukraine (+470 over the past day)."
    – ukrinform
    . ..
    There are now 10k KIAs away from a bodycount of 200k corpses.
    KIA/WIA: over 760.1k
    Wounded: over 570,120

    all on minusrus and ukrinform

  2. Any native American will tell you that in the USA, White man's words spoken or written can never, never be trusted. The words "peace" and "integrity" do not exist in their dictionary. Since Colombus and his colonial masters INVADED America, they invaded, lied, concocted false evils, raped, stole, murdered natives to near extinction and colonised half the world including America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Middle East, India, China, other nations in Asia and many, many more. They $old obsolete rifles to natives only to slaughter them with new long range weapons. Till this day they're still profiteering $Trillions from wars and crimes, selling destructive ballistics abroad and lethal guns at home. They're unending liars even to their own naive people who believe all the misinformation being fed to them. They can turn any "Treaty" into a "Cheaty" in a blink of an eye. They have no integrity.

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  4. "Russian military death toll in Ukraine rises to about 188,920 troops"

    "Russia has already lost about 188,920 troops in Ukraine (+510 over the past day)." – ukrinform
    .. .. .. . .. .
    .. .. .. .. .. …

    There are 12k KIAs away from a bodycount of 200k corpses now.
    … . .. . . …. .
    KIA/WIA: over 745.6k
    Wounded: over 566,760

    all on minusrus and ukrinform

  5. This did not age well at all.

    Even in WWII, some few Americans sympathized with the Japanese Empire. You will find the type satirised by Sidney Greenstreet in the movie ‘Across the Pacific’ (1942).

    Here is the modern equivalent. Lucky for him, America is not at war.

  6. Categorical statements like that are almost always wrong. There is a non zero chance that Ukraine can "win" the war, and we have to define our terms lest we end up in just a semantic argument over "win."

  7. The U.S. government broke its agreement with Russia when it allowed the reunification of Germany and in return the president stated that NATO would not be expanded to the east. As usual the U.S. government ignored the agreement and has continued to expand NATO to the east. The Ukraine is within 300 miles of Moscow and is bring into the country missile launcher capable of sending atomic weapons into the capital. How would the U.S. react to a Soviet missle base in northern Mexico?

    The U.S. caused the overthrow of a democratically elected government in the Ukraine in 2014 in order to put in an anti-Russian government. The U.S. and Britain have gained a customer for NATO weapons and this generates billions in profits for the weapons companies that drive U.S. foreign policy as it did with Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya and Saudi Arabia.

  8. I wonder if he still thinks this way now. Russia has brought NATO much closer together as well as closer to itself. So I rate that as a fail. Ukrainian nationalism is way up. So I reckon that's a fail. As I understand it civilian casualties in the Donbas were around 20 per year . I think the protection of them is now killing a lot more so, fail on that front too.

  9. "Russia’s death toll in Ukraine over 187,000"

    "From February 24, 2022 to April 24, 2023, Ukraine’s Defense Forces eliminated 187,080 Russian invaders, including 660 in the past day."

    – ukrinform
    .. .. .. . .. .

    There are 13k KIAs counted away from 200k now.
    . .. . .. . …
    KIA/WIA: over 745.6k
    Wounded: over 559,260

    all on minusrus and ukrinform

  10. "our coverage shines a light on… fighting for a more just, equal, and livable planet."

    right, like bad mouthing a sovereign nation defending itself from an unprovoked imperial invasion. this channel is total horse feces. real news network gives unions a bad name

  11. yesterday i watched chris hedges interviewing a climate activist crackpot on this channel, and not once during that interview did chris push back on the crackpot's fact and question avoiding rhetoric. this channel is bunk, theres no real news here. chris hedges, you ought to be ashamed

  12. I’ve watched several videos on “why Russia will lose the war”
    There’s also videos saying Ukraine and NATO cannot win the war. Obviously one side is wrong?

  13. Looking at Putins happy fools in this pod in april 2023 I realise it haven't aged especially well. Coming 4 months will show if it's going to deterioate even moore. Time will tell. My five cents is that free democratic countries that have been under Russian rule join NATO because they never want to be under Russian rule again. NATO don't press anyone to join for expansion. There is a difference. Agree in one point. Europe needs to take their own and a bigger responsibility for their security. In my mind the US and the UK honours the agreement from the 1990 with Ukraine and Russia. After all they promised to help incas Russia attacked. They only did this to late. PS you don't negotiate with bullies and terrorist. You put them down.

  14. America got out of both treaty because thought Russia was not a threat. China was becoming a threat in the and it was not part of the treaty

  15. I knew it, Ukraine will never be able to liberate Crimea. Russia has taken full control of Eastern Ukraine which amounts to approximately 20 – 25% of the region that Ukraine held prior to the Russian offensive of February 24, 2022.

  16. How's that possible when Russia has already lost?
    Let's not forget that the sole purpose of the so-called special military operation was to overtake Ukraine and Kieyv in 3 weeks.
    Russia has failed catastrophically and has since last year lost 50 pct of the land they gained initially. Now Putin is stuck in the east fighting month after month for irrelevant minor gains while losing countless material and soldiers.
    It's pathetic and Russia is nothing but a terror regime and pariah state without having won anything of importance….

  17. Here's what I think is going on geopolitically. The USA's star is descending more and more and Russia and China will manage this descent so that it does not come to a Third World War. For President Joe Biden and the NeoCons, diplomacy is a foreign word that they have long forgotten. America relies on confrontation, regime changes, supports terrorists when it is in its interest and has long ago lost all moral pretensions. It is not about meeting other countries at eye level. Instead, it sanctions, wages war without UN authorisation and the NSA plus the CIA spy on even its most loyal allies. If you have a friend like that, you don't need an enemy any more. The USA, together with Norway, blew up the Nordstream pipelines and thus declared war on Germany. Chancellor Scholz knows everything and is stonewalling.
    China and Russia will carefully bring down the USA, a world power that stands on feet of clay.

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