• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Defence and security analyst Professor Michael Clarke takes a look at why Ukraine has a crucial window to secure equipment …


32 thoughts on “Ukraine War: Why spring will be crucial for the conflict”
  1. And just by chance at the same time that we see that "new perspective" on the war in June, the US budget will run dry and Congress will be deadlocked over the debt ceiling, and whether they go into default or whether they just keep spending without any attempt to change their ways at all, the world is going to stop buying dollars in any form whatsoever.
    And when that happens all the war fun stops dead. The US is more than happy to fund Ukraine as long as it can do so with monopoly money. But if it really comes down to choosing between severe austerity and Ukraine, we all know what the choice will be.

  2. Hopium. Russia is about to drop the hammer. The west is giving token brick- a- brack donations to extend the war using Ukrainian and Polish souls. They are expendable NATO proxies of course. Somehow everyone is crossing their fingers. Next we will see F16 jets flown by Poles pretending to be Ukrainian.
    Then later official NATO troops and boots on the ground when the F16s do not work and the donated geriatric tanks are smashed.
    Then we are in real trouble….
    But it does not matter to Biden or the American Neocons because it is best " to fight Russia in Ukraine , not over here " ( America ) .
    This war is all about American World Hedgemony and Extending NATO tooooooo Faaar East !!
    And our dizzy Lizzy wanted to create a NATO in the Pacific to face up to China last summer , remember. ?
    Next we will see The USA using Taiwan as a proxy against China.
    All the chess pieces are nearly in place…..

  3. Besides the waffle, the Ukies are losing territory & their casualty numbers are horrific. It’s sad the west has pushed them into an un-winnable proxy war.

  4. So we were told that autumn will be critical.
    Then we heard that winter will be decisive.
    Now it is spring which will be crucial.
    So tired of all these specialists, analysts and retired generals who never fought any war.

  5. We heard this before… "why summer will be cruical for ukrainians", why fall will be crucial, why winter will be crucial…. just garbage propaganda

  6. Clarke knows in his heart that Ukraine is losing. U can tell when he tries his best to speak positively on Ukraine's advances. Dude clearly knows Ukriane has no chance.

  7. Excellent news! Putin going to send another 200,000 soldiers to die on the battlefield… another 200,000 parents are going to lose their son… would love to see their reaction… lol

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