• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Ukrainian Super Hero Destroyed 6 Russian Armored Vehicles In One Battle | He Set A World Record

Ukrainian Super Hero Destroyed 6 Russian Armored Vehicles In One Battle | He Set A World Record. Alexander with the call sign …


38 thoughts on “Ukrainian Super Hero Destroyed 6 Russian Armored Vehicles In One Battle | He Set A World Record”
  1. When Russian tanks drive along the roads of the European Union, it will be too late to repent, you will again have to kiss the boots of the Russian soldier)))

  2. Красивая ложь не нуждается в оправданиях, она сделает свое дело. А кто потом будет спрашивать лживого автора видео ?)) The French and Germans have a very short memory, they have already kissed the boots of a Russian soldier in Paris and Berlin. This time you will not be sorry, after even one "Satan" missile, which has 10 heads of 10 kilotons, is capable of destroying 10 France or 10 Germany. The history of fools does not teach, so get ready to fertilize the earth with your bodies, maybe they will settle in the place of the European Union in years …… when the earth is cleared, they will be settled by kinder tribes than the old Germanic tribes (English, British, Austrians, Germans) suffering from chauvinism, and outbreaks of Nazism.

  3. **as you glutton over these scenes where hundreds of human beings are broiled to death remember what Jesus Christ said in Matthew 26:52 *Then saith Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into its place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword. – yes YOU who believe that fighting is glorious!

  4. venäläiset pois Ukrainasta Naton voimalla. venäjä tietää jos Nato alkaa hoitamaan asiaa niin venäläiset häviävät äkkiä Ukrainasta. puutterin pitäisi vähän pelätä.

  5. Screw Ukraine. They are a corrupt globalist puppet state used for money laundering. Biden has been compromised through his illegal Ukrainian business deals and everyone will know it before too long. But hey, you all keep railing on about this "just war" that has is draining us dry and putting us on a collision course with a nuclear power. You should pray we end our involvement in this madness.

  6. If you think Jesus ain't real, look up our lady of zeitoun for your proof, isreall, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ our lord and savior, you are behind most of these atrocities alond with your America and few other white nations of racism. You mock and laugh now but you will pay spiritually and will pay dearly along with your other faces of racism

  7. This world will pay spiritually, ask your Jew about spiritual paybacks, they are no stranger to defying God, now they defy God on a global level. A meteor might hit Isreal, if so, don't be surprised

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