• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

INSANE Russian TANK ASSAULT on Ukrainian Trenches | Ukraine War | Combat Footage | Sniper Reviews All footage …


30 thoughts on “INSANE Russian TANK ASSAULT on Ukrainian Trenches | Ukraine War | Combat Footage | Sniper Reviews”
  1. First let me thank you for your Service to Country! I wanted to thank you for these video's! You really show us all what it is truly like on the frontline, from a Canadian friend!

  2. Really informative videos thanks. Why is there so much indiscriminate fire? I’ve gone through several and am surprised by just firing at ‘nothing’ – just general direction. Aren’t troops more effective moving frequently and in pairs or groups and assuming proper firing positions and firing at ‘actual’ targets? I’m not trained so please don’t have a pop ..just seems that 90% ammo just wasted firing randomly at ‘nothing’. Also watching people on larger calibre weapons – seem to spend forever just fiddling with ammunition..I’m really surprised by lack of repositioning ‘ deployment of offensive or defensive strategies – just all seem to stay put and laugh

  3. I’m confused why do they just shoot almost randomly. They can’t see the target. Kinda waste ammunition? (Serious question) why not actually look for the ememy

  4. That tank assault is a perfect example of the need for NLAW. Javelin is too close, ATGM cannot be used for same reason. NLAW can be used from 20 meters.
    So, if they can be a little further up, peak and fire off a few. If brave, need just a few seconds. It can be enough to kill the crew or hurt them with spalling inside the tank and if ammunition ignite, we know the flying turrets.

  5. First vid.
    1. They saying that fire comming from 3 sides.
    2. They mentioning sniper.
    3. They try to guess how enemy trying to surround them.
    4. They are cheerful, but tension and fear in voices noticeable- if not bolsting each other and cheering, morality would be overwhelmed by fear and chaos.
    5. Also drone was noticed and they debate if they should shoot it, not knowing whos drone.

    (Read somewhere that with the help of artillery they managed to survive the attack)

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