• Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

The War With Ukraine Is Coming Home to Russians

As Russia’s army falters on the battlefield in Ukraine, President Putin has announced a ‘partial’ mobilisation of citizens with …


20 thoughts on “The War With Ukraine Is Coming Home to Russians”
  1. I received a draft order 3 days after i left Russia in September to my registered place in Moscow where my grandmother leaves. Now i'm in a 7th country which don't require visa for Russian citizens in 7 months. Anyone who needs help can reach out to me, i'll be happy to give all of the info i could gather during this time.

  2. Russia wanted to convert Ukraine to Russia. But at the end there won't be any Russian speaking people in Ukraine. Same like Germany wanted to take Sudets in Czechoslovakia after WW2. Now, no one speaks in Czech German language. Same no one will want to speak Russian in Ukraine, because what Russia did and is doing. Russian should get rid of Putin and be free. Before is too late. Because they will speak Chinese and will have government in China. After the big crush.

  3. I can’t imagine why a bunch of drunk drug addict Russians would attack a country like Ukraine. The Russians are known for being drunks and drug addicts and idiots, but the Ukrainians are known for being quite smart, some of the strongest people in Europe, so why would you pick a fight with that? It just seems like you were going to lose before you even started the fight. The Russian people are not very bright.

  4. Russians have never defended their dignity and the conclusions are dictatorship, persecution, tears. Russians die because they did not defend their honor and dignity earlier, and Ukrainians because they wanted freedom and dignity.

  5. all of them will back packed in a plastic bag or buried as a unknown soldier, funny to expect different way if you have attacked peaceful country, glory to Ukraine

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