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UKRAINE FIGHTS TRENCH BY TRENCH! Current Ukraine War Footage and News With The Enforcer (Day 160)


May 4, 2023

Ukraine has begun bloody fights trench by trench across some areas of the front, with no ground being taken in the Kherson area …


34 thoughts on “UKRAINE FIGHTS TRENCH BY TRENCH! Current Ukraine War Footage and News With The Enforcer (Day 160)”
  1. Taiwan has ordered HIMARS and I think it was cleared as a coastal defense system. It would use ship radars and calculate range, course, speed for a lead to plot the gps they want at $160k per rocket to hit a $40M ship with 100's to 1000's of armed men, a pod of 6 are cheap.

  2. The standard missile being sent is the M31A2 with a range of 15 to 93 km, the advertisment from Lockheed Marting is 70+ km. They can easily hit western Crimea including the land chokcpoints. Remember the M57 has 3x the warhead. Sooo BIG BOOM!

  3. This is going to be a long war. I'm not a fortune teller, but, i would say this may last 2 years if the West doesn't step up their game. We need to chip away at the Bloc by taking out Belarus first. The West needs to bankrupt them and completely destroy their economy in order to disrupt their political system; their leader is a coward who will waver quickly and subdue. As soon as Belarus falls, Russia won't have a northern front. If Ukraine isn't under threat from the north, they can focus on the south/east.

  4. I saw you struggling to read that cyrillic. A few important notes. B = V sound, not B… Cyrillic B sound is always written "Б"
    So the word два is "dva" (which means the number "2".)
    Also, the г letter doesn't ALWAYS make a "G" sound. In both Russian and Ukrainian it can swap sounds sometimes. (With H or V)

    The sentence at 1:01:49 says (basically) Another enemy loss of two armored personnel carriers and two URAL trucks
    (Translation of: "Черговi втрати Ворога два Бтри тa дві Вантажівки "УРАЛ"")

    Also: "Сільгосптехніка" = Farming Machinery
    "Зброя яку Перевозять цивільний Авто" = Weapons that are carried by civilian car.

    Also. Sniper rifles do not need to be .50 cal or .338 lapua to deal out damage. What they need are rifles which can reliably fire out to 800-1000+ yards with ammunition that maintains deadly velocity, accuracy, and impact/muzzle energy. Even the AR-15 (or M4) can be chambered in 6.5 creedmoor or 6.5 grendel which are excellent sniper/hunting rounds. A lot of guys stick with .308 (NATO 7.62 x 51) and in Ukraine I imagine there are a large amount of rifles chambered for 7.62 x 54. All of which can "reach out and touch someone" at 1000yd+ ranges.
    Give a good enough sniper an AR10 in .308 and he can make impressive shots beyond 1000 yards. .50 cal would actually be overkill in most situations and the ammo is large and heavy. .50 cal is more appropriate for shooting at enemy combatants BEHIND things like vehicles, walls, fortifications. It's also great for disabling small vehicles as .50 cal will penetrate an engine block no problem.

    You crack me up… "Colt and Wesson" ???? LOL… Smith & Wesson is what you were looking for there I think. Colt is a separate manufacturer. Although if I had to choose a sniper platform, I'd get that Cheytac Intervention in .408 cheytac. Now we're shooting out to 2500 yards with sub MOA accuracy. Dropping Ruskis a mile away.

  5. Seeing the kind of refuse they are leaving around it's obvious they're using looted Ukrainian products in the field. You can see the nonstandard issue consumable containers from the moon. The most standard of drones with a camera wouldn't have to try to see it.

  6. I don't understand why you always publish Zelenski's speech in ukrainian with subtitles, when UATV-english provides it dubbed over in English.

  7. I have no problem to "suffer" high energy prices when the alternative is to see Ukrainians suffer x100 and Europe fall into Communistic dictatorship. First choice should be to start up the nuclear power plants again, not buying Russian gas. Long term, renewal energy will thrive by time. The lesson learned is that Russians kill more people than nuclear power plants. Europe would have plenty of inexpensive energy within a year, and Russia would continue to fall into Communistic oppression and economic depression. Slava Ukraini from Sweden as proud new members of NATO.

  8. LOL! I feel like a military strategist. A couple weeks ago, I commented that Ukraine was using the Kherson attack to draw Russian forces south, attack the east, force them back east, rinse and repeat. Yet another way of bleeding and wearing down the Russians.

  9. The Enforcer shows a video where there is a bunch of trenches and underground makeshift bunkers where Russian soldiers had been hiding out (that is very trashy place).

    The way the 42 Russian soldiers were cleared out of this location was by using 5 drones that can each dropped 9 bomblets each so that they were able to attack this location one right after the other drone dropped it's load of grenades. The bomblets were not explosive grenades, instead they were poison gas nerve gas (extremely) deadly grenades.

    The Russians went into Ukraine without a lot equipment that is considered standard for all modern warfare situations… this includes any of them having gas masks and other poison gas military equipment. Because of this they are extremely susceptible to getting killed using Nerve Gas by Pro_Ukrainian forces.

    Because of the secret nature of how this war is being fought it's very easy to very very selectively use poison gas against invading mass murdering Russian troops without anyone being able to detect that this happened. The location where this never gas attack happened that is on this video was "cleaned up" prior to this video being made… ironically it was still a very trashy place because what was cleaned up was any and all evidence of the usage of poison gas against clusters of Russian Soldiers hiding insider underground makeshift bunkers… NOT all of the beer bottles and other junk that lay strewn around everywhere.

    Now you know… the rest of the story… and also you have a better understanding of how things are progressing in the most forward positions of the war in Ukraine. Russia is sending out it's soldiers to die, simple as that, and no one in Russia even cares one single bit. The bad Russian students get ordered to the front… Russia's Socialist welfare state financial problem keeps disappearing like a puff of smoke.

    Every time Ukrainian Soldiers kill Russian Soldiers the central command of the government of Russia becomes happier and happier because they are ecstatic they are able get rid of the least productive members of their society and turn around and blame the Ukrainians for being the ones who are doing it.

    There isn't enough Vodka in the entire World for me to believe anything the Russian Government is trying to say when it comes to their real motives about their war against innocent Ukrainian mommies and daughters inside the Ukraine.

    Die Russian A_Holes DIE!!! Suck in the air, breath it real slow… savoring the taste of the breath of death, vengeance for the little Ukrainian girls and their mommies you keep killing and raping and torturing. !!!DIE!!!

  10. 29:03 That's called Ecological Warfare. Pretty sure that if you show that to a Russian official, he'll say that they are there to de-nazify the nature through pollution.

  11. @The Enforcer and @Enforcer Matt you'd be great at finding one of the treasure boxes in the book… THE SECRET.. with history and knowledge you guys have, that would be an awesome video if you took us with you hunting.

  12. The People of Ukraine must understand that the money grabbing thieving accountants of the EU will destroy Ukraine just like the russians would like to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. The only way Putin will stop will be Total Defeat of the Russian Economy, Russian Army…This is the World War 3..with a different approach…It is back to conventional arms…With atomic arms as suicide….We must provide so much more weapons to Ukraine…longer range to kick Putin in the Ass…This is a Poker game…We are not Bluffing…Or we Lose

  14. As I know Russia, a MAFIA state, they will send their most , non Russian,non pure breeds to die first….One, to waste Ukraine ammunition on virtual slaves…2nd, to buy time, while true Russian city soldiers are drafted. Drafted soldiers, I have experience with as a Vietnam vet, on regular Army and drafted Army…These last line of fight solders, have political fathers and mothers, who dies after the slaves, the poor and starved…Not my son, my brother…I have status in Russia…When these soldiers come home with no legs, and night time night mares…Russian reality of the deaths may preview to the populous…However, Hitler and Putin know they can overpower reality with bullshit and convince the people of the total lie…Thus, this is a war of hatred induced by the upper MAFIA…Putin is a Money Monger…Power monger…

  15. Finland looks like a great place… does anyone know if Finland is a nice vacation destination ?? How’s the weather ? Beaches ?? I know a lot of very interesting history… the government seems to take care of its people. Also, i know it’s heavily fortified… Someone , or many people, had the right idea to fortify its WHOLE country for ALL of its people…. Below ground is as amazing as above. Any feedback , please let me know.

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