• Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023

Ukrainian miner destroyed Russian fighter jet and helicopter worth $27 million. Ukraine, Donbass, New York settlement. During …


23 thoughts on “Ukrainian miner destroyed Russian fighter jet and helicopter worth $27 million”
  1. 10:54 you can see the winglets of the KA-52 shaking so bad there about to rip themselves off. lol The KA-52, although very capable attack helo, there some major design flaws which are becoming apparent in constant combat use. May possibly be lack of maintenance? Either way its a serious problem.

  2. He took aim at the belly of the aircraft with an IR missile. *facepalm My lord these generic channels speak so much crap lol
    BTW, unguided "missiles" are called rockets. 2x facepalm.

  3. Zelenszkij a fegyverekért cserébe valóban odaadja Ukraina x % USA , és Németeknek ??? Igaz , hogy Amerika felvásárolja a földeket Ukrainában , és Biden fia intézte a vásárlásokat Zelenszkij segitségével ?

  4. The degradation of accuracy of airstrikes is the main benefit. Some attack helo can't just come up and do close air support ! Saves quite a few Ukrainians !

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