• Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Ukrainian troops prepare for spring offensive against Russian forces

Ukraine is gearing up for a spring offensive against Russia as the war rages on. CBS News senior foreign correspondent Holly …


13 thoughts on “Ukrainian troops prepare for spring offensive against Russian forces”
  1. I can’t believe how pro Ukraine YouTube is. Russia is never going to give up. I don’t think people understand that.. take a look into recent wars Russia was in. They do not care what they loss as long as they win

  2. Earth is a planet of the solar system,
    Only living beings live on this earth,
    No life has been found anywhere in space
    People born and leaves the world forever
    All of us one day
    must die
    People cannot survive if they try
    Millions of people feel helpless
    is alive,
    A special effort must be made to stop the war forever from the world,
    Arms production should be stopped ,
    Suitable accommodation and other arrangements for people should be made,
    Because human life is very short
    In the infinite space, people are desperately helpless, everything is useless

  3. Masha Moskaleva, 13 years old

    New Ambassador of the World

    New Samantha Smith

    She was arrested by the Russian police for a school drawing where she drew bombs falling on a woman with a child and the inscription "I am against the war," and her father, who raises the girl alone, was given two years in prison. President Biden, is not it a good idea to invite Masha to the White House?

  4. The insane conqueror named Putin no longer wants to see reality.

    Homemade soldiers are just the disposable tools Putin needs to achieve his ambitions.

    By 2024, Russia will be completely under China's control.

  5. Tbh it’s really not are business what’s going on over there..we gotta stop putting American life’s on the line for something we truly have no reason for…

  6. They better watch out for the 44,000 rockets Biden just sold RUSSIA. Victor Boot is buying the $85,billion worth of weapons Biden GAVE Taliban.

  7. Power was knocked out to stop trains bringing in military equipment. Also, the reason all the men are out fighting is because they're forced to. Does anyone remember mariupol, all the fighters were using civis as human shields. Russia have 120,000km of Ukraine but Bakhmut is some victory after nothing but losses? Bukhmut has the major highways and trains to supply the front for Ukraine, without that they don't have a Ukraine, why else do Ukrainians keep reinforcing the city. I trust Russia's numbers more than Ukraine simply because you can't count bodies in you're losing the ground where they fell.

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