• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

Russia is upping the ante in Ukraine by targeting newer locations and sharpening its assault. It is unleashing new weapons to …


20 thoughts on “In a fresh blitzkrieg, Moscow claims first 'smart bomb' kill | Ukraine war updates”
  1. I will never doubt Russia's claim! They always mean what they say! They never bluff! I feel pity for Ukraine that continues to sacrifice its people!

  2. In a true war between Russia and china vs nato. Russia and China would have all their satellites taken out before anything even happens completely wiping out the gps for any missile, airplane etc. The United States has thousand more satellites than both countries combined including mock satellites and satellite killers. Plus the U.S. has the HAARP program where they can control the weather causing natural disasters in enemy countries. So don't worry, a couple nukes would fall but it would be over before you think. These counties keep saying the U.S. is weak and that's just what they want. That's why we keep flying drones and military aircraft because russian and china can't do anything in all reality. You don't see Russia kicking 900 U.S. troops out of Syria, you don't see China kicking the U.S. out of the South China sea or the Pacific. They can't. No matter how much blunder and tough talk they make to keep their citizens thinking that they are tough leaders, they are really weak. The U.S. pumps out military hardware daily and has China and Russia surrounded with military and naval bases. The U.S. is just waiting for them to make one wrong move.

  3. What difference will it make at this point? Those weapons will be destroyed by the Russians even before they arrive in the battlefield. The West had underestimated the Russian capability of destroying Ukraine if they get into a serious business. Just saying.

  4. I'm so tired of this war .why don't Russia start using they're long range bombers and the swans bombers .and start carpet bombing followed by s400s then long range artillery

  5. It is this kind of glorifying the senseless war that is prolonging it. We must continue to condemn it until it stops. Talking about the superiority of weapons from each side is very much unwise. Condemn the war. Boys and Girls forced to fight in this have the right to fulfill realize their life long dreams and fulfill them. Why should they be sacrificed at alters of ego of old men seated and sipping through cups of coffee?

  6. Let them not be offended by the Russians later, when the "smart" Vanguard accidentally flies into the White House in Washington … And such a prospect is more than likely!

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