• Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

The leading news of the day; BAŞLIK Russian soldiers continue to offer intensified security of the Ukrainian-Russian border area …


18 thoughts on “PUTIN LOST! Ukraine Has Destroyed Russians on 3 Fronts!”
  1. Zelensky is obedient agent of Angela Merkel who has ww2 hidden mindset as well as a habitual conspirator in many countries, in order to virtually enlarge Germany's economy and the comedy should be that Biden is waiting for green signal by Zelensky to invade Russia(20% ukraine). Zelensky army wants Russia to destroy all homes Buildings before zelensky army retreats..

  2. Yeah totally not propaganda, totally not seeing a huge encirclement happening once more at Lysychansk after the taking of severodonetsk and the other encirclement of Hirske and the other encirclement of mariupol, and the dropping morale of ukrainian divisions which caused the Hirske encirclement since the 53th mechanized refused to follow orders and instead fled out of the pocket.

  3. yeah this isnt toally ukrainian propaganda filth guys! ukraine "strategically withdrew" from severdonetsk,donetsk,mariupol,kherson,metipol and izyum . clown channel

  4. Good reporting let us say Glory to Ukraine and keep pushing Russia back. Hit as hard as you can so that Russian people see Putin humiliated. That is the only way to win this war. Putin is a very sick man like Hitler.

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