• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

That’s it: Ukrainian Army enter Russian trench in Bakhmut! Russians left corpses in trench and fled! #russia #Ukraine …


18 thoughts on “That's it: Ukrainian Army enter Russian trench in Bakhmut! Russians left corpses in trench and fled!”
  1. ได้เวลาลุยรัสเซียแล้วไปจับอาชญากร​สงคราม​ ผู้ร้ายขโมยเด็ก

  2. Thowt. Fowt. Browt
    Ekipment. And totally unedited transcripts. Makes me sick and casts a very bad light on your utterly mediocre channel.
    Probably makes you a meagre couple of bucks. But do not try to feed us rubbish.

  3. how many bases every province in one region?.? lets say 10 bases in 1 province. you deploy 20 abram tanks every province. how many provincies of CRIMEA and how many ABRAM TANKS to be deployed. if you can calculate that i think the war will shorten. then along the seashore of CRIMEA how many ABRAM TANKS. the seashore must be guarded secretly because of the warships that can carry many tanks and armore car. air defence and BARACTAR DRONE must be in alert day and night to survey.

  4. More MacJournalism. Get out there, get the story, work it up, have it edited and present it properly. Write it to somehow correspond with the title. It might help.

  5. What do you think. I'm going to try and raise some money here in the U.S. I already know of a silk screener who would probably do it for free if he had the material.

  6. A good Russian is it dead Russian? That’s what I think. Keep it up Ukraine keep killing them Russians let them lay out in the field and rot for all I care what they’ve done to your people.

  7. The collective consciousness of Russia is much lower than the collective consciousness of Ukraine therefore, Russia cannot win this war, no matter what they do and Putin WILL NOT serve out his intended term in office – GUARANTEED

    Energy / consciousness is cause while physical manifestation is simply effect.- a TRUTH most humans are yet to overstand, so they would have to learn this simple lesson through The School of Hard Knocks and those knocks would continue to intensify for Russia.

  8. Ukrainians are wasting time and russia doesn't care how many russian soldiers get killed. Russia is waiting for financial problem for NATO countries and NATO is running out of surplus weapons to sell to Ukraine, For manufacturing of weapons, companies need to contract orders which is taking time to gear up. Ukrainian military is begging for more weapons from the West.
    How long will NATO supply weapons to Ukraine that will be needed to fight this war? The US gave $100B to Ukraine, there little progress made by Ukraine against russian troops.

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