• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

The invaders’ convoy was trashed near Vuhledar ukraine war video footage 2023 …


4 thoughts on “The invaders' convoy was trashed near Vuhledar🔥ukraine war video footage 2023”
  1. 30 seconds before the first blatant falsehood. (excluding the title).

    There were not '100-115 Battalion tactical groups of 180k personnel', what ignorance of Russian disposition and dogma.

    For the vast majority of the SMO Russian force usage has not exceeded 70k – 90k men at any given time in theatre, excluding PMC and volunteer militia.

    Now they have numerical parity the AFU are buckling fast.

    I venture to predict a major allied incursion downward from Belarus towards Vinnytsia and Moldova, by way of Zhytomir, perhaps as soon as next week.

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