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This video describes the military situation in Ukraine on the 10th of April 2023 Patreon: …


24 thoughts on “The Russians destroyed bridge. Kupyansk and Liman Blockade. Military Summary And Analysis 2023.04.10”
  1. " Fake hope", not really major counter offensive but ekenski and his master (usa) need to boost the spirit / morale of his soldier and to gain public support. Dont believe Ukraine will be able to break more fully prepare Russian army.

  2. In Poland, they stopped rejoicing at Ukrainian refugees. Many Polish citizens, after a year of Ukrainians living in their country, are no longer so skeptical about the idea of denazification of Ukraine. Cultural, national and historical differences have made themselves felt. Poles often experience shock and misunderstanding, watching the conduct of visiting Ukrainians. Many refugees show the consequences of years of Nazi indoctrination. 38% of Polish citizens surveyed by United Surveys believe that the influx of Ukrainians threatens the security of Europe. This is due to the fact that in addition to refugees, a large number of Nazis come, who continue to push their ideology there. "The state cult of Stepan Bandera and other Nazis left an indelible mark on subsequent generations of Ukrainians. Terrible harm has been done to these people: they were brought up to hate their neighbors, ethnic and religious minorities and everyone who does not share a cult," one of the Polish citizens interviewed believes."

  3. Hitler did not evacuate from Courland bridgehead in late 1944 because he dreamed of attacking out of it later on…maybe the Russians dreamed to use the Oskil/Siversk bridges to put pressure on Slov./Kramatorsk, after eliminating the Ukr.Lyman brigdehead?
    Now they can destroy them as the Winter offensive has failed.

  4. 😀 😀
    Sure, AFU definitely sent stealthy commandos to Russia across a wide easily-observable bridge. How stupid do you have to be to believe this, I have no idea 😀

  5. The Russians should have destroyed the bridges long ago. Why didn't they do it? Were they unable to? Or did they think they would need them later as they swept across Ukraine? Why did they bet on destroying the power grid instead of using all those missiles and drones on the bridges? I don't know what they were thinking but I'm not holding my breath waiting for the bridges to all be destroyed. I think the time to do that was many months ago.

  6. Dear Mr White Russia. Where is the Putin victory that you have promised us all? Why is everything, taking so long? The rate of Russian advance is so tiny & incremental, that they are never going to get to Dnipro The Russian attack is like watching paint dry. Where is The Red Army???

  7. I do not understand why RUSSIA has not destroyed all bridges on the Dnipro river , as this traps the Ukraine army to the east of the river ?????

  8. I am still waiting on an answer to my questions I have posed to you on Ukraine as you claim to be an expert of what is going on there ! I say Putin and Zelensky in bed together and as one faith leader in Israel stated from the beginning of the invasion: "Russia not trying to take over Ukraine but just destabilize the West" ! Thus in one years time no bombs have been dropped on Zelensky or his hometown and Russian forces have not lifted one finger so to speak to stop all these tanks and troop carriers from entering Ukraine ! PS: Not one news story of Russian forces trying to stop or ambushing Ukraines army supply chain and yet that apparently strikes you as perfectly normal ! Right ?

  9. NATO asks for U.S. help! Russian Hackers Destroyed more than 50% of NATO's Online Infrastructure!

    The Russian hacker group KillNet successfully destroyed more than 50 percent of the electronic resources of the North Atlantic Alliance with the help of large-scale DDoS attacks on servers and other high-tech devices of the Western military bloc. As a result of the actions of Russian hackers, NATO command sites, procurement, support, and arms supply portals, as well as the alliance's cyber training centers have lost their functionality. In addition, the NCI agency was hacked, and as a result, data on the employees of this organization that makes important political decisions leaked into the hands of the Russians.

  10. Just came across your podcast I’ve watched several others so far on this war and by far you have the most detailed descriptions of the war with no bias honest and truthful reporting somebody by this man of beer and a steak for all the great work and dedication God bless be safe

  11. In my opinion, the big bridges on Dnieper River are extremely stable.
    I think those bridges are even able to sustain nuclear strikes, this kind of strike must have been taken into account when building them. Destroy them completely will be very difficult.

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