• Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Ukrainian artillery destroys Russian infantry during the night.


13 thoughts on “Ukrainian artillery destroys Russian infantry during the night.”
  1. This war was wanted amd instigated by nato. It's sad to see all the left believe in war because the liars they like told them its good now. This is all disgusting, you devils cheering this on, or thinking it's good guy vs bad guy are the dredged of humanity. Way too stupid to be walking around with opinions on anything.

  2. Darlings, what was happening to your camera, it was all over the place, it was so terrible to watch, please get someone else to do it in future, you must do something else…….

  3. Just some advice about making a video. Stop fast forwarding and cutting into different portions of the video over and over sporadically. If you're trying to avoid copyright infringement, just get some zoomed in shots and slow the video down. It's not enjoyable to watch when your video is so chaotic.

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