• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

President Putin has put Russia on its highest nuclear alert level and activated their military system called the monolith. According …


32 thoughts on “3 major updates in Russia Ukraine War. Ukraine's spies say Putin preparing something massive!”
  1. Its easy to understand that after attempting to Putin and the Kremlin, the expected tactical nuke over Nazilensky and his allies in Ukraine will soon strike. Putin know has all the justifications of the world to launch ☢️☢️☢️

  2. Well thank God we have Biden! Put him on the front lines….I am sure Russia has laws against hurting 82 year old Dementia-alzheimer patients right? They wouldn't! He is an American treasure!

  3. People on the left are going to wish Trump was our president when the s*** hits the fan literally! He would have never got us into this mess and allowed it to happen in the first place!

  4. Russia's a failed military. They're offensive was a complete and total disaster in an embarrassment. Ukraine is fighting the good fights kicking those invaders drunks and cowards out of their country. Ukraine will become a member of NATO Russia will become a side show and a pawn of China.

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