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I am sure you’ve seen History Legends video, but if you haven’t here is a Link to it: …


39 thoughts on “PMC Wagner Successfully Advance Deeper Into Ukrainian Defense Lines!”
  1. funny pro russian/kremlin fake news 😀
    shame on you to call your self "free russia" but be one off the pro kremlin nazi orcs sympatisants …
    for example 6:51 is an ukrainian made drone footage not from nazi orcs !!
    and it shows the moment when the ukr army strike the facility complexe (you show before at 6:27) right AFTER the russians was attack it and "going in" !! (confirmed by BOTH sides)
    the red nazi orcs didnt hold / take the place but lose most of their troops at this attack – its stil ukrainian "controled".
    i repeat: confirmed by BOTH sides !!
    btw. never trust idiotical "z" market propaganda channels/videos which only take ukrainian clips and claim that as russian footage xD
    and u claim total nonsense at adiivka .. russian nazis there only retreat on some positions (also confirmed by BOTH sides)

    you need defenitivly better resources when you total miss the russian official statments and news lol

  2. What was the True Purpose of the Drones Attack on the Kremlin? [BORZZIKMAN's Explanation]

    The plight of the Ukrainian side and the lack of visible successes on the battlefield, force the Kyiv regime and its Western patrons to resort to increasingly desperate methods in order to annoy Russia somehow. So on the night of 2 to 3 May, the Ukrainian command, with the support of Western allies, launched an attack on the Kremlin with the help of combat drones. It is worth noting that 2 combat drones were used during the attack. Unfortunately for the Ukrainian regime and its Western curators, the Kremlin's air defense successfully destroyed all the drones. It is reported that no one was injured, and no material damage was even caused.

  3. Wherever Ukraine does small probing attacks now is possibly where a major attack will come. The probing attacks are to find enemy fixed firing positions for target acquisition in a real attack. I used to carry an m60 machine gun and wasn't allowed to fire at probing attacks for this reason. Ukraine might not find out much.

  4. Be proud of putin he is the best leader of a generation. the poor man almost waited until too late. the USA was doing Russia in and Putin didn't react until Biden Harris began saying Ukraine would join Nato and the SMO became 100% needed. Then after the revelations of the Minsk agreement lies, Russia is proven to be fighting the rise of an evil America. We are all still waking up to it, but American government has gone down a dark path. May the rest of the world save America and convince the government to give up the world reserve status peacefully. America no longer deserves respect, When its people vote for Satanic Leadership

  5. May 9 – don’t forget to celebrate the fact USSR/Russia was allied with the Nazis for the first 2 years of WW2 before turning to the West for weapons to repel the Nazi invasion when Hitler double crossed Stalin.

  6. hey Russians! i am writing from Poland, i know that our countries dont live in peaceful conditions BUT please finish these bandera people. there is an invasion of UKrs in Poland and we have enough. what are you waiting for

  7. There aren't Russian troops IN the nuclear power plant, but they are within a kilometer of the plant. We know because every time the Ukrainians attack, they are repelled by those same soldiers encamped NEXT TO the power plant, literally right outside the fence.

  8. The ease with which you talk about using a nuclear power plant as a foothold… This is a significant difference between the russian side and the Ukrainian side. For russians it is for some reason natural that a nuclear power plant is just an area, and for Ukrainians it is obvious that it is a nuclear power plant and it is better to avoid heavy operations near it.

    There are satellite photos of russian fortifications at the site of the nuclear power plant.

  9. I said it before. It is most likely the so called "Spring Offensive" will start at Bahkmut. Why? because there are no strong defenses in that sector as it is already active sector. Also, by pushing the Russian troops out of Bahkmut after all their success/losses, it will surely demoralize the Russia in general.

  10. Something interesting happens to my computer when I watch your videos
    it only happens when you show a video of fighting, but the video freezes.
    I have to skip through til you aren't showing the video anymore to see the rest of the commentary
    I don't know why that happens, I think it's odd, but it only happens on your videos, so I thought I would mention it and see if that happens to anyone else.

  11. Quando acabará esse absurdo? Será que a Ucrânia anda a consumir carne humana? Ainda não entenderam que Bakhmut é um triturador de terroristas que só os EUA/RU apoiam, mas que a Rússia devolve para o inferno?

  12. It was not a dangerous day except for the two Dickheads climbing up the roof of the Kremlin after the first drone attack. They probably shit their breeches when the second drone it near the flag. But the whole thing is so obviously a propaganda stunt of Putin or the Ukrainian billionaire who challenged drone companies do do a spectacular attack on Moscow. Since Putin*s asslickers waited so long after the attack to scream out their threats, it is probably the contest to send a drone into Moscow at embarrassing places and times that is the correct scenario.

  13. how big is a city of 70.000 ? the Russians control 90% of it ? well what the hell how much is left ! get you friggen airforce in there and decimate them use those 1500 kg bombs, espacialy prevent them from driving in reinforcments ! the only place the Ukrainians can hide is in those high towers basements.

  14. No idea why Russia does not just flatten any area that ukraine refuse to give up on, send in bomber command and flatten it like a car park

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