• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

This broadcast is dedicated to researching and reporting accurate and relevant events centered around the war in Ukraine on …


28 thoughts on “Russians DESTROYED in Bakhmut! Ukraine War News 12/19”
  1. Too much useless information, self promotion, viewer likes and payments received streaming across the screen is unnecessary. All the factual information could have been sumed up in 30 minutes.

  2. The " trash pile" is it an elevated area, if it's big trash pile it also could be used as a hill, therefore if it's elevated it gives them a better view. Just wondering.

  3. A guy over on Denys Davydov’s YouTube channel posted some RU propaganda stating all Western analysts agree RU losses are only 15-18K. Really annoying…

  4. well russia we have so many thousands of nukes that will rain on you russki it will get real if you not stop fooling arround with your dark nuke vodka shit.

  5. from around day 3 of war i started watching the live cams and odd short clips of battles… i then found channels that gave good commentary and lots of info on what is happening in ukraine… the 1st streamer i started watching was the enforcer and the content was informative to an extent but something just didnt sit right with me, there are some things i just couldnt stand about them… i then found yourself and another streamer funker530 and between both of you i feel i have a better take (from a military mind) and a greater understanding of what is really happening without bias. i thank you for the content you provide and hope you continue long after ukraine russia war. Slava Mercado!… Slava Ukraine!

  6. That Russian "cope of the day" is always hilarious!
    Someone must've told Solovjev (sp?) that he should use something to clean his nose into … but why can't he do this before talking on tv?
    The weather forecast was also funny, they're trying to pretend their alleged "super-weapons" are weather proof or something … I bet even lots of Russians don't fully believe this any longer.
    I'm so sorry people are complaining about you analysing Russian propaganda, it's important and one of my favourite parts.

  7. Perhaps russia should go into Ukraine and have religious services for those civilians living in basements after russia bombed the heck out of them instead of continued missiles strikes if they think this is a holy war

  8. Missed the stream. The numbers are well over 100,000 already… think about, the bodies not collected yet from the lines, the ones in transit, the back log at the morg, the gathering of all the numbers and finally posting/updating them plus more. The numbers are definitely well over 100k already, just needs to be updated. Think about it like this, if it all stops now how many more numbers will be added after gathering everyone maybe identifying them then updating the log.

  9. Coke does not explain the nonsense he has been spewing for months…..I love how their anger has progressed as they have been getting clobbered from NATO's weapons….that were never going to matter ….LOL

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