• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Russians will destroy all HIMARS launchers by autumn at the latest | Break the Fake | TVP World


May 6, 2023 , ,

Veteran military intelligence officer Rustem Klupov has predicted the destruction of the US HIMARS multiple launch rocket …


30 thoughts on “Russians will destroy all HIMARS launchers by autumn at the latest | Break the Fake | TVP World”
  1. Only wooden HIMARS, so far grand total of 982 Wooden HIMARS…
    Putin really falls for the wood stuff maybe we should build a massive wooden himars with a bow tie and go into moscow with it as a gift then 1000 real HIMARS drive out and destroy the kremlin

  2. The Russkies have destroyed some of the plywood dummy decoy HIMARS, but have they actually destroyed any real ones ? Anything the Kremlin claims, you can assume the opposite is true.

  3. Ukraine has I believe 16 HIMAR launchers the US has over 500 in inventory. So even if Russia destroys all 16 launchers there are plenty more where they came from. Plus I am sure the manufacturer would be more than willing to sell many more to Ukraine and NATO. I have heard many NATO members have already put very large orders in.

  4. The Ukraine is suffering much pain in this war. A beneficial side effect is the Ukrainian military is making a huge leap forward in both equipment and battle skills. Because of the sanctions the Russians will have a mighty struggle to ever catch up.

  5. Rusten Klupov is a fool. The Russians haven't destroyed even one HIMARS launcher and are regrouping all the way back to their motherland..

  6. It's quite simple. The ICC has jurisdiction. We need no special tribunal as I see it. Perhaps there are political factors I don't see. But right now the ICC needs to take an aggressive stance in prosecuting war crimes against identified Russian war criminals including Putin. Hopefully we will one day see Putin in chains, hauled before the ICC similar to the Nurembeg Trials.

  7. Poland should absolutely demand the full reparations from Germany. And not in installments. All in one lump sum, with interest. If they don't pay…

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