• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

They drove themselves into a meaningless trap ukraine war video footage 2022 …


6 thoughts on “They drove themselves into a meaningless trap🔥ukraine war video footage 2022”
  1. I’m sorry but Russia ain’t even close to be able to produce those numbers of ammunition!
    As with everything related to the Russian military. I don’t that they can even produce 1/3 of that. The owners of the factories has of course stolen 75% of the budget for themselves and can only produce inferior quality shells. Because they never thought that they would have to fight a war.

  2. If your sources are the same who provides the stock piles of missiles, the end of the conflict, and morale. Giving a dead line about the depletion of ammo is a serious statement if you fail you will be not longer a serious analyst but a propagandist

  3. We're slowly avoiding mine fields, hunting armed trenches with less than 20 men and trying not to bump into more with bad Intel. All while avoiding an ambush or drone as well. It's going to take a bit. But every enemy contact has to be marked immediately and attacked w force. Friendly arty is a luxury.

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