• Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

As the battle continues in the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut, an aide to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said they will continue to …


29 thoughts on “Ukraine War: Spring counter-offensive 'not far off'”
  1. Ukraine has no other choice but to KILL as many Russians as they can. Russia has invaded Ukraine. Ukrainians have to fight back the invaders. Russia would do the same if Ukraine invaded Russian Land. Push em back now. Fight now. Otherwise Russia will keep going…………..What Country is next? Any idea ? K Bergman

  2. i'm not a military expert or anything remotely related…
    but i find it odd that zelenski STILL hasnt capture moscow, given the ridiculously huge amount of money, weapons, training, logistics support, spying, sabotage, blockades, sanctions, seizures(legalized theft) and embargoes usakistan and its white supremacist lackeys have provided for them…..and how the propaganda paints russians as underfed cowardly idiots with literal garbage for equipment, and no logistics and no leadership, and zelenski as the most glorious leader in human history…….

  3. How much longer can we talk about war? By the way: Did England send its elite to Australia? Has the migration program finished? Is the ground ready for bombs? I hope the sirens are connected to solar panels?

  4. I read a report of. The Russians running low on military hardware are seeking supplies from ‘ rogue states ‘ like Iran. Would that be the same Iran that Biden signed a nuclear deal with ? At least Biden is holding off on sending U.S fighter jets to Ukraine, but has permitted the U.S training of Ukraine soldiers in Europe , and will be heavily resupplying Ukraine armoured units with ammunition and armoured vehicles

  5. Putin is a rotten potato in a barrel of rotten apples. _ If the Russian people would just read a good book occasionally we wouldn't have to open all the doors and windows to vent the place.

  6. If the Russians take Bakhmut would it stiffen their resistance over a wide front? __ The Ukrainian army has performed heroically over the past year. I fully agree with General Keane that Russia has to be soundly defeated. _ Everything has a price! _ Russia's invasion of the Ukraine and destroying its civilian infrastructure must come with a cost, and that is, Russia has no claim to the Donbass and Crimea. If the Russian / Ukrainian War ends in 2024 Russia must become a junior partner to the Ukraine for the foreseeable future. The KGB and the Russian oligarchs have to be thrown out and a Democratic government must be brought in. _ WAR & PEACE IS GOING TO BE A 50 YEAR + AFFAIR JUST LIKE IT WAS WITH GERMANY & JAPAN.

  7. Ukraine has no chance against Russia. Russia has unlimited resourses and ability to use them. West is too coward to be a real ally to Ukraine and go to fight by its side. They are only rooting behdind Ukraines back by internet warriors. Many foregian officers had stated that Ukraines fighting skills are terrible. Russian never loses its wars, it will recruit as many men as needed until offenders defense will break, no matter how big their own losses are. And Russia also has China by its side, they have common enemy which is western democracy. If Zelenskyi is reasonable he will negotiate for peace before his country is completely demolished. Witha any good fortune he will stay president for the area that will be left from Ukraine after Russia takes what it wants.

  8. So, if Russia is 28 times larger than the Ukraine…& has 3 times as many people, then, HOW COME, it is only a Draw, after 13 months of Putrids invasion?!

    Russia, Sssssccchhhmmussshher!!

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