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Ukraine Crosses the Dnipro: Has the Counter-Offensive Already Begun?


May 7, 2023

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43 thoughts on “Ukraine Crosses the Dnipro: Has the Counter-Offensive Already Begun?”
  1. Why do you cross the road in your country ? This question sounds stupid doesn't it ? Crossing your own river isn't as serious as one country crossing another country's boarder without permission ; that action usually is called invading illegally. INVADING any country is a crime, and committing a crime carries consequences to be paid legally by the criminal or criminals that broke the law. Slava Ukraine .

  2. I love it you showed one of the Nazis with the nazis insegnia on his arm.
    300,000 dead Ukrainians so far, 20,000 dead Russians
    The Ammunition dumps go hit a couple of days ago
    15 year old Ukrainians on the front lines who is going to resupply the Ukrainians we don't have the capacity to do so.

  3. It's far too early for Ukraine to consider attacking Crimea. Crossing the narrow land bridge into Crimea is going to be difficult enough, but having to do it while protecting their flank from the Russians, is going to be impossible. Attacking in the center, and pushing south to Melitipol, is also not smart, since the Russians have been inticipating that, and reinforcing it for months. The only realistic place to attack, is in the eastern Donbass region.

  4. A bluff or a double- bluff? I can't help thinking of 3 cases from WW2: Operation Mincemeat, where a corpse carrying false documents about a plan to invade Greece was allowed to fall into German hands; Monty's double, who traipsed around the Mediterranean theatre to draw attention away from the planned Operation Overlord; & Operation Fortitude, where General Patton led a phantom army to trick thr Germans into thinking the Past de Calais rather than Normandy would be the focus for a cross-Channel invasion.

  5. Trash, 0/10 spent the first 4 minutes on repeat about crossing the fucking River and the last 4 on repeat about are they bluffing are they not.

  6. In my opinion the Ukrainians are establishing a position to defend the Antonovskiy bridge. If they can repair it to allow heavy vehicles to cross the river, that will provide another vector of attack toward Crimea.

  7. This is probably diversion only to seek to draw more Russian assets here as no way in hell can this be where main counter offensive be when it’s heavily defended and Ukraine don’t have assets to do large river crossing

  8. No, this is not the start of the spring counter offensive.
    This had happened since Kherson got liberated: It's just AFU special forces who are on a recon mission.

  9. They won’t reveal anything about where the counter offensive will be concentrated… it could be they are still deciding so anything in the media is pure speculation.

    We’ll only know for sure after the fact and that’s that!

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