• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Sky News’ Defence and Security Analyst, Michael Clarke, has analysed an “ISIS style” video appearing to show Russian troops …


31 thoughts on “Ukraine War: 'ISIS style' video appears to show Russians beheading Ukrainian prisoner”
  1. Putin commit war crime???? Bush killed 200 000 of innocence iraqis but Nato + United Nation kept a blind eye and let him free !!!!!! Russia China India North Korea Syria Iran Afghanistan Brazil Venezuela Indonesia Malaysia Arab Saudi and Many more countries demanded Bush to be send to court for War Crime !!!! There is No Mass of Weapon Destruction found in Iraq and thousand killed !!!!!!!!

  2. Russia has been doing war crimes in Ukraine before. In the 20th century, 'socialist' propaganda and WW2 kept many things out of sight, out of mind, but these days, things are more transparent. For anyone interested there exists relevant literature worth perusing. Some translated into English are: 'The black deeds of the Kremlin, a white book, volumes 1 & 2.' New York, Dobrus, 1955 & 1957. Another is: 'Genocide in Ukraine's by Peter Kardash, Melbourne, circa 2005. Another is 'Kiborhy' by Eugene Steblivsky, Kyiv, 2016. This one is in Ukrainian, not yet translated into English.

  3. Just listen to the tone of these comments, didn't work for me, and being told not to look for the offending video, and at the same times as the leak of pentagon secrets. Really?

  4. Everyone knows it fake, tried this one too many times in Iraq and Syria, the fake BBC chemical attack where they staged a chemical attack summed it up for me, all propaganda lies

  5. Путин убивает, рубит головы украинцам, солдаты насилуют женщин и детей и никто ничего не делает? Где русский народ, чтобы бороться с этими военными преступлениями? Где справедливость?

  6. Ukrainians have done the same and worse. But no one talks about that.
    Both sides are horrible, that's what war is like. But everyone seems to think Ukrainians are angels.

  7. Hmmm this special forces.. to me that's sound like NATO is directly involved in the war!!!!
    Guys we don't want war in Europe ,this going to be your fault Brits & US !!

  8. While there is no way I can swear as to the victim’s employer… that was a real murder. And the combat knife used is made for stabbing, not really slicing or slashing…. So the difficulty was real in that task. It wouldn’t separate the spine… no suprize there at all.
    Militarys that more often behead, or butcher animals carry a much different knife like the Gurka Kukri, or a chopping Axe.

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