• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Sky News has visited a Ukrainian team guarding Ukraine’s border with Belarus. It comes as thousands of Russian troops move …


23 thoughts on “Ukraine War: Ukrainian soldiers reinforce border with Belarus”
  1. I say if Belarus gets in then Ukraine needs a partner also if we don't help they will close the road and rails for reinforcing Ukraines army so all this will be for nothing unless we send troops to hinder their plans Period.

  2. NATO must retreat and sit in their holes. Russia clearly showed that it's easy to defeat all western prepared and supplied ukrainians, basically the most powerful NATO army( ukraine). Russia didn't even started a real war! Imagine if they do!

  3. What the Ukrainian Army need is long range sniper rifles and the training in field craft and sniping practice for their marksmen to use against the Russian forces. A good pair of snipers working together in a hunter killer operation can kill more Russian troops in a day than the Russian rockets and artillery fire can do.

  4. The entire NATO world should be supplying them with the ability to stay underground hidden, eat and drink well, and all with arctic clothing and sleeping modules and drones to fly around the area ready to just strike anything they see. THAT is how winning is done. Starving out the enemy and hitting them with anti tank launchers and drones galore.

  5. If putin truely want to force more preasure he should let Belarus army troll the Ukrainian. Drive a armoured column to the border and a few meters before the border drive back and repeat.

  6. Nato and Russia signed an agreement that nato wouldn’t get any closer too Russia slowly countries signed up too nato edging closer too russias border too the point Russia is almost surrounded what was expected

  7. Just saying, if training the reserves in Belarus is meant to act as a fixing operation, it's clearly working. How many battalions is the border defence tying down?

  8. I can understand why Ukraine is adding reinforcements to the border with what the intelligence is reporting….My question is why wait for the attack? Take the initiative and preemptively strike to break- up the Russian forces preparing yo attack!
    At the very least – send cruise missiles to Ukraine to attack the Russian staging areas and supply depots!

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