• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

Russia’s ambassador to the UN has interrupted a minute of silence for Ukraine as members of the Security Council stood up to …


25 thoughts on “Ukraine War: Russian ambassador interrupts minute of silence”
  1. I fear just as the Spanish Civil War was a prelude to WW2, the Ukraine War will usher a greater more destructive war. Zelenskyy is not our friend, he will guarantee unending war so long as he refuses to negotiate Crimea status. Why not guarantee Russia access to a warm water port on Black Sea? This war is costing US taxpayers 60K every minute, every minute.

  2. Ukraine started a civil war in 2014 against its eastern population. Thousands of deaths between 2014 an February 2022 can not be forgotten.

  3. what a distortion of what has happened at this meeting … this is a disgusting example of how selectively edited videos combined with ridiculous comments of narrator create something else than what has happened … how about presenting the whole video of that EU meeting without stupid and idiotic comments .. and let people to decide what actually took place at that meeting ….

  4. Look at them all playing their little diplomatic word games, while real people die on their incompetent orders. I say show them the real world, the one they lead, in all its beauty and glory. It will invigorate them, they ambulate like such docile creatures it would be nice to see them come alive for once, and see some life behind those eyes – even if it is just momentary panic, as they come to terms with the fact that they can't outrun the fireball.

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