• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Winter has arrived in Ukraine, with Kyiv blanketed in snow and temperatures set to plummet in coming weeks. In scenes that recall …


23 thoughts on “Ukraine War: The 'winter war' begins”
  1. This guy has no idea what he’s saying. Lol. He’s just guessing and painting a picture. Maybe it’s just me but seems like Russia is on track and doing exactly what it set out to do. What am I missing !!

  2. This man knows nothing about military warfare. He's running his mouth about nothing. He's lying about the Ukrainians winning. In fact they are losing terrible. Do some real research.

  3. Ukraine is proxy. Its war between Russia on one side and USA/EU through Ukraine on other. Ukraine is receiving loans/like UK in second world War. Remember, UK repaid the last installment of its WW-II loan to USA in 2006.

  4. Bloody hell what a shock it will be for those Russian soldiers seeing snow for the first time and fighting in the cold. Cos we all know Russia is hot and warm. All year round.

  5. Ukrainian air defences are so good the country is in the dark and faces a winter with no power or water. Russia according to these “ expert analysts “ has been running out of missiles and ammo for seven months straight and were forced to use computer chips from washing machines. Putin has been sick and dying for at least as long, and Russians don’t know anything about winter and have no proper winter gear. The stupidity of Western propaganda would be laughable if not so PATHETIC

  6. Do not be optimistic. Most likely those missiles have been retired and substituted with new types, like Kh-102 so it is not affected their nuclear arsenal.
    Cold weather is in favor of Ukrainians. That is complete nonsense. Who will supply Ukrainians with winter equipment? Yanks? NOP their equipment is designed to chase tallitabies in the Middle East. Who else? Northern Europe? I am in big doubt they are able to supply even 10% of what is required. Canada – the same.

  7. Why import coal when we have it in the UK? So our idiot politicians can be 'holier than thou' when speaking with foreign politicians about the fake climate crisis.
    Wake up, people.

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