• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Sky’s Alex Crawford reports from Yampil in Donetsk where the Russians are in retreat and are being hunted down by Ukrainian …


21 thoughts on “Ukraine War: Locals reveal the horrors left after Russian retreat”
  1. All must be held accountable for what they have done. Putler and all involved must be accused not only of the crimes against Ukrainians, but of ruzzians too

  2. Like many people here tears from the stories…yes our hearts break….but if something real is not done to Putin, his military, and oligarchs then it will happen again. Remember, Chechnya’s, Georgia, Syria,…..seems Russian people cannot accept the truth about their leader, or themselves….they do not know how to live in peace..imagined enemies..is all they see….they revel in their perceived suffering. This country needs to be broken…first to have their mindset changed. For this European Union needs to be more aggressive…and inflict heavy pain on the people in Russia…

  3. What did the russian do in Boetsja!!! they killed civilians, a general said "kill them all" Thats the russian army killing unarmed people but when they see Ukrain soldiers the flee like rats, filthy cowards.

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