• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Ukrainian drones grenades destroy 356 Russian mercenary in trench warfare Bakhmut. The ministry’s TV channel showed …


15 thoughts on “Fight Begins!!! Ukrainian drones grenades destroy 356 Russian mercenary in trench warfare Bakhmut”
  1. lots of video also coming from the russian sources too , bakhmut isn't trench warfare , it's more likely " URBAN warfare " BAKHMUT IS 90% CONTROL BY RUSSIANS only 10% of suburbs is in ukrainian hands , the trench footage is from the kremina forest , not bakhmut

  2. It's true. I heard that one of the 12ft 6" British Mercenaries literally caught one of the grenades and swallowed it, so they fired an RPG and he just headbutted that away. The brave Russians then stormed him & one of the Russians, only 5ft 1" killed him in one-to-one combat. A truly astonishing act of bravery, & the hero Russian will be rewarded with a pair of boots that actually fit him instead of the size 7 & size 10 he was wearing.

  3. The Ukrainian armed forces have been battling for over a year in vast fields with scarce forest or mountains to hide in.
    Throughout the footage of war it's quite rare to see soldiers clearing out their enemies like Ukrainian armforces, walking straight ahead into trenches as if the termitor 2 in Holywood film. What's a marvel of sheer courage and determination. As you know they endure not just the trenches filled with mud but they brave through extreme cold winters to chase out Russian invaders from their country, their spirit is unsurpassed. Sadly, many soldiers did not return home. Each one of them was a father, a son, a brother, and their loss is felt deeply by their loved ones. The heart-wrenching images of young dads kissing their families goodbye at train stations, not knowing if they will ever see them again, bring tears to the eyes. Ukraine's armed forces continue to fight relentlessly with strong determination and unparalleled dedication, defending not just their sovereignty but also the foundation of freedom and democracy. We must support Ukraine in their quest for freedom as their struggle is ours too. Failing to do so is failing to defend our own principles. Our prayers are with the brave soldiers who have fought valiantly to defend the world from darkness. May God always protect them.

  4. I have it on good authority that those British SF guys were part of the notorious Giants Battalion, whose entry requirements include a minimum height of 12', and the ability to throw a blacksmith's anvil 50 metres with just one hand. You don't want to mess with them !

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