• Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

The fight for Bakhmut has cost the Wagner Group and Russian forces, with as many as 30000 people estimated to have died in or …


27 thoughts on “Horrible! Ukrainian close combat kills 580 of Russian soldiers in a bloody battle near Bakhmut”
  1. Haha, retard channel owner deletes comments. Lying hypocritical corrupted bastard.
    Losses of the Ukrainian side for a year and a half ~320 thousand killed, ~280 thousand wounded, ~41 thousand prisoners + missing. But the yankees still lie to everyone around.

  2. As the offensive failed to materialize in the real world it has to happen in youtube with thousands of sites like this, with wild and surreal claims that are only supported by ukraine press releases with no tangible proof of anything.

  3. Xin lỗi tôi đã từng cầm súng chống lại những kẻ xâm lược đất nước tôi vì vậy tôi rất thích khi thấy bọn xâm lược bị đền tội. Vinh quang cho Ukraine

  4. Horrible? Are you russian? The rest of is, who are NOT russian, think it's great. The more Putain sends to die in Ukraine, the more that the sensible russian people will have to beat his ass when the time comes, as it mist assuredly will, when they wake up and small the coffee of over the truly megathonic lies that he and hos cronies have been spinning them these last fifteen months.

  5. такое наглое вранье. показали за 4 км цель. и сказали джавелин через 2 секунды. долетит и будет вспышка. джавелин дозвуковой. дальше считайте сами. он не сможет долететь за такое время.
    вначале видео, танки застряли. и были покинуты. зачем то напихали взрывчатки и подорвали. пустые машины.

  6. Que vergonha. Mais uma guerra promovida pelos EUA e Inglaterra enquanto milhões de pessoas morrem de fome no mundo. Tudo em nome da manutenção da riqueza de poucos oligargas.

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