• Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

Ukrainian troops have begun arriving in the centre of the strategic city of Kherson after Russia’s withdrawal – with jubilant residents …


28 thoughts on “Ukraine War: Tears of relief and joy in liberated Kherson”
  1. There is no freedom of speech in Ukraine. Abusing these poor people's reactions to support the continuation of a pointless war they can't win for the interests of politicians is beyond disgusting.

  2. This made me uncomfortable suddenly since there are more wars and cities liberated but as we see them on the news we just ignore it and see just support the europeans

  3. They are Ukrainian people and love their land and tradition. But their current government mis-represent them grossly! Hopefully one day they will realise their own government sold them out.

  4. im curious. those guys at the end of the video tearing down an burning the signs are old enough to be in uniform so why arent they. after all they want freedom than they should fight for it

  5. Time to Get Real About Ukraine. The Russians will willingly cede territory in order to fight again at a later time under more favorable circumstances. They’ll simply retake it when the terms favor them.

  6. I watch this video over n over again,and just feel the joy Ukrainian Soldiers brought to its people ,the inspiration n fighting spirit to liberate all from the clutches of Putin's horrible Army.

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