• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Sky News has been given unprecedented access to one of Russia’s most elusive enemies in the war in Ukraine. Chechen fighters …


30 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: The Chechens fighting Putin in Ukraine”
  1. Ooops how hypocritical are western I means the civilised nations , most of them are saying in comment section they are heroes , but what about Kashmiri and Palestinian fighting for freedom? Aren’t they heroes?

    And the afghans were also terrorist in your eyes . 4:14

  2. True Muslims fight for justice, be it against Russia or NATO and the USA. As Muslims we are united through Islam, even if there are groups who deviate from the path of unity. Ask your average Muslim and they will agree that we are united in faith. Chechens who fight on the side of Russia ony do so because of their dictator leader and ally of Putin. We do not support Russia, nor do we support NATO as they BOTH have the blood of innocent Muslims on their hands.

  3. I am Ukrainian, i seen many Chechens died in battle for Ukraine, many generals too, so many of them, there more then 2,000 Chechens(Freedom fighters) fighting against russian pigs in Ukraine, Man those Chechen who stood with me in frontline they are fierce tigers, I respect them.

  4. Українцям не потрібно воювати зі своїми братами росіянами. аутсайдери послаблюють людей шляхом поділу, щоб потім поневолити і панувати над ними. стережіться. Стережись. бути мудрим.

  5. All republics of Russia should get their independence. Russia should be reduced to Moscow Governorate. Maybe the people of the region can then finally have some peace.

  6. Noble proud and bearing that most righteous of belief in the love of our common humanity supporting the oppressed against tyranny/the pleasant surprise is that it's the western media which makes a speciality of villifcation of Muslims as villiounous through artificial narratives of villifcation such as Muslim terrorists or as sexual predators of innocent English women promoted by the Indian origin home minister suella breverman and rishi sunak agents of the Hindu nationalism of modi leader of the vicious Hindu nationalist BJP a party that openly support Putin's war

  7. If these guys were fighting against the side western countries were not supporting then they would be called terrorist. China is exposing western hypocrisy and why the west needs conflicts to balance their version of world order.

  8. أنا من اليمن وعند اندلاع الحرب من الملحد الروسي في 94 توافدنا نحن المسلمون إلى الشيشان وكان من يقاتل مع اخواننا في الشيشان آنذاك االبعض من اخواننا المسلمون الأكرانيون فمن الواجب قضا الدين للاكرانيون فالعدو واحد ولولا فقدي لرجلي وإصابات في ظهري من جرا حربنا في اليمن لكنت في صفوف اخواننا المسلمون الأكرانيون

  9. Tum log takatbar hoke bhi paleastino ka sath nhi de rhe masjide aksha hamara betul mukaddas aap logo ki paleastino ka sath dena chahiye na ki kafir Putin ka tum log hak ki rah par nhi ho allah ki rah par nhi ho

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