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Historian Anne Applebaum on how Russia's war in Ukraine will end | DW Interview


May 11, 2023

Anne Applebaum is a Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and political analyst who writes for the Atlantic. She has written extensively …


26 thoughts on “Historian Anne Applebaum on how Russia's war in Ukraine will end | DW Interview”
  1. Her literature is great. This analysis is dead wrong. If I saw this coming years ago and knew how to prevent it some other schmuck could have. The West's hubris and bad poilicy got us here and that I dont see ending. Soon. Russia's all but got this one in the bag

  2. The usual brainwashing for Europeans about genocide. He did not invade either Georgia or Ukraine…the protection of Russian citizens, even outside the country, lies in the Constitution of the Russian Federation

  3. I didn’t like the way she said “We have to help ruzzia to get to that point”… Unfortunately, westerners still don’t understand what ruzzia really is and what kind of people live there. The only way to end this war and ensure safety for everyone is to destroy ruzzia completely and isolate them from the world.

  4. Clarity of thought? She is ignorant of the levels of Ukranian manpower and munitions, and the extent to which the rest of the world ignores "our" sanctions, in favour of cheap Russian energy. Her third and last of "many" pipe dreams is diplomacy.

  5. Borders in Europe WAS CHANGED by FORCE (illegally by NATO) in 1992 (Yugoslavia), and 1999 (2008 in Serbia despite UN Resolution 1244 and its 10th paragraph from the top of Resolution !!!

  6. Any and all wars changes peoples and countries. Unless if you live in the US. There has never been a totally devastating war in the country. Especially wars that the US dropped 2 nuclear bombs and fire bombed European cities back to the Stone Age. And for her to say it’s all Russia’s fault is rubbish.

  7. Anne talks as though she has never even conceived that her opinions are not an absolute truth. It’s tragic because with enough like her, ww3 is inevitable. How can she even conceive what “rational compromise” means.

  8. Complete and utter BS and lies. Naftali Bennett led negotiations early on, the war could have ended much earlier. NATO stopped the negotiations. Go watch "Bennett speaks out". Yankee centric views that will become irrelevant as the US becomes more and more irrelevant.

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